Porsha Stewart’s Marital Advice For Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas


Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas are once again struggling with their finances on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But, Cynthia’s co-star, Porsha Stewart, who is currently going through her own divorce, is offering some advice to the couple. “Get a financial advisor,” Porsha told RadarOnline in a new interview. “Get someone else who is handling her finances and someone separate for his finances because she needs to have someone to say no if he wants to pull money and she’s not aware of that.”

Porsha says if Cynthia would have had a financial advisor sooner, she would have been aware of the property Peter purchased without her knowledge. “If you had a financial advisor, she would have known that he took money to buy a property,” Stewart said. “That’s ridiculous.”

However, Porsha doesn’t think Peter and Cynthia will split. “Watching Cynthia and Peter, what comes to mind is not divorce,” she said. “They need prayer and they need some couple’s counseling. They need individual counseling then they need couple’s counseling because he’s handling the household one way and she’s thinking it should be ran another way, and he’s not respecting her in the relationship.”

Photo Credit: Wire Image