Porsha Williams

Seasons 5-6, 7, 8-9

“I’m too blessed to be stressed and too sexy to be thirsty!”

“I’m about to give you life, so stay out of my way!”

“I am still standing, and I am making my own rules.”

“People say I have a picture perfect life, and I do!”

Birthday: June 22nd, 1982
Sign: Cancer

Porsha Williams is a vivacious beauty with big dreams and the ambition to make them a reality. A true “cornbread-fed Georgia Peach,” Porsha was born and raised into a prominent and historic family in Atlanta. She is the granddaughter of Civil Rights leader and philanthropist, Rev. Hosea Williams. Despite her busy workload, Porsha makes it a priority to remain heavily involved in her various charity partnerships.

Porsha is thriving in her career as an entertainment news correspondent with The Ricky Smiley Morning Show on “Dish Nation.”  In addition, she is focused on developing an array of newly launched business ventures including luxury hair products and an innovative fitness app. Porsha is looking forward to taking on new ground as a contestant on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, as well as hosting her new podcast.

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Are you serious “wise behond her years” LOL. From what I have seen on the show, her wisdom is definitely in question.