Porsha Stewart Talks The Pageant Feud With Cynthia Bailey!

Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart is taking to her Bravo Blog to tell viewers her side of the story regarding her feud with Cynthia Bailey. Porsha was helping Cynthia work on her pageant, when Cynthia abruptly fired her during a lunch meeting. Porsha explains where she was coming from in not wanting to have a business meeting at her home, and why she felt disrespected by the employees from The Bailey Agency. Read more below!

Porsha writes, “Now on to Ms. Bailey. Here I am on Saturday chilling at home with my family, I decided to get up and leave what could have been a fun-filled day with them only to go to the Bailey Agency and walk right into  a hostile environment! I always go off of spirit when I meet people, and I am very sensitive to the energy of people around me. With that said, when I sat down and saw the look on Ms. Bailey’s face, I knew something was up. Little did I know it was some mess about me not wanting complete strangers over to my house for a business meeting for her pageant.

I must say I threw Kordell’s name in the mix to add to my response, but in actuality I made the decision not to have it in my home on my own. I sincerely felt if she didn’t want to meet at her office, fine, and I even offered to pay for lunch elsewhere anytime, but to turn my home into an office? Um, no. It was something I thought was a small and private conversation with Ms. Bailey as a friend. How quickly I learned that all things discussed in private aren’t so private with her.

I thought after talking to her it was simple and easy. I just made the decision not to have all her staff come over and it was done. We would meet at her place of business. But no, I was attacked and spoken to by the Bailey workers in a way that to me was inappropriate, asking why I run my home a certain way. I was bothered, so I took my husband’s advice to check the situation by letting her know how it made me feel and making sure it didn’t go any further than that. After all, I was helping for free and I was also involving my family’s charity so that many people in need could benefit from a percentage of the pageant.

This relationship was supposed to work two ways. Number one I had my family create an outreach event specifically for Cynthia’s pageant participants so that they would have the opportunity to be hands on in giving. They were supposed to come the Saturday before the pageant and make lunches with fresh produce and hand deliver them to the people we had solicited to be at the outreach event created for her. Number two Cynthia was going to donate ten percent of proceeds to Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. This collaboration would have also benefitted the pageant in that she could use the charity’s affiliation to solicit money from sponsors and help with securing an event space. Having the charity involved was of great value to the pageant.

Anyhow I go to lunch on a Wednesday to meet my “friend” for midday drinks and lunch only to once again be smacked in the face with another surprise. Wow, she doesn’t want me or the charity involved? Why? Because she says she never received a document from the charity stating they are affiliates. First, that document has nothing to do with her giving proceeds to help feed the hungry. Second she only gave two weeks for this huge organization to get all these docs sent to her, which by the way she could have received after the event or closer to the actual day of. When she asked me to involve the charity and have them create an outreach event inviting some 1,000 needy people, I jumped right on it. The charity sent volunteers and paid staff to make the event possible for her pageant. Now she is telling me never mind because she didn’t get the logo (that she could have gotten off Internet), so therefore she doesn’t want me or the charity involved. When sitting across from someone who obviously doesn’t understand that you cannot just involve an internationally known charity and then not follow through, you do what I did — gracefully bow out!

I was looking at what I thought was a friend and someone I put myself and my family charity out there for just to see her win, and what did I get? Nothing but a sorry excuse for why she has decided to turn her back on the thousand people who would have benefitted from receiving fresh produce and groceries as well as donations. What do I decide to do? Move on and let her sit where she is. I’m not going to teach someone how to care. I’d rather let her have her way and figure out an immediate plan to salvage the outreach for all those expecting it and learn from my mistakes. I do care for and Iove Cynthia, but this has proven to me that you can’t lend yourself to people without knowing their motives. I have decided to forgive but not forget how this made feel and how serious it is not to involve the charity with people you can’t depend on.”

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  • Pinky

    Do not like Cynthia at all. She isn’t very bright, she is a backstabbing bitch. Never hear if her doing anything charitable. She is a broke azz making it barely. She is nothing without NeNe. Her little interviews are always a little bitch smack talkin. She makes a point of negative comments about Porsha’s husband being controlling – Cynthia, Peter was very controling your first 2 seasons so stfu already. Your business will/has failed because you are stupid and so limited without someone doing everything for your spoiled ass. Your sister was more valuable to you than you will ever give her credit for. You are boring, mean, and just ignorant. Looks don’t last forever….then what ya got?

  • Agree! Without Bravo’s paycheck her little Agency would be long gone, and without her money so to would her husbands club. But I have to say Porsha’s not all that bright either. She seems nice enough, but she should spend some of her husband’s money on getting an education so when he either loses interest or goes broke like a lot of athletes do, she can at least support herself or financially contribute to the family. Porsha is no way ready for the real world!

  • Team Dina

    Cynthia is just as trashy as her husband. I am really starting to like Porsha. Her and Kordels marriage is beautiful, I just hope the fame oe snt go o her head like everyone else.

  • Brenda D. SMith

    Porsha, do not let them so called ladies bring you down to their level, Kandi is one of the only true Ladies. Look how Kanya treated you at your fun raiser, than she did it to Cynthia, (and now they are best friends), and she all but stole from Phrada, than she actted like a nut and runied NeNe’s fun raiser. And everyone seems to excause Kanya and how she acts is a ok. Than we have Cynthia she likes to stir up crap she will start something then set back and let the other women talk and RUN back to the person and tell them what was said by the other women she forgets to tell her she stared it. Cynthia has the nerve to talk about any one being ruled when Peter rules her with a iron fist he will get up and leave her at her own event to make her look bad.