Porsha Stewart Says NeNe Leakes Is “The Sister We All Need”


Ever since The New Normal was cancelled, NeNe Leakes is back in Atlanta and back with her Real Housewives co-stars. “I’m glad to have NeNe back,” Porsha Stewart tells RadarOnline. “I think that her success in Los Angeles was a great way for her to extend her brand, but I love her coming back to us because she’s being that sister that we all need. And at this time, we’re being her support system and she is getting out there and doing her thing again here in Atlanta, which is wonderful.”

“I see nothing but bigger and better things for NeNe as a personal brand,” Stewart said. “I think that her being a gifted black actress, she understands that a gig can come here and it can go, but you have to build something for yourself.”

“So now she’s working on a clothing line and I’m just super proud of her because people want more of NeNe,” Porsha continued. “We love you acting, but we want more of whatever can come from NeNe and her fabulousness.”

“This group is a group of strong women,” she said. “We on TV go through a lot of things that everyday people go through, but we go through it times 10. So we have to step up to the job times 10.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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