Porsha Stewart Says Kordell’s Sexuality Had Nothing To Do With Split


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart added more confusion to her split from Kordell Stewart in an interview with Andy Cohen Sunday night. “Whether he was gay or down low, that has nothing to do with why we broke up,” Porsha said as she danced around suggestions that Kordell is gay. “The reason we broke up is because of the treatment. It’s all about the treatment. If he was down low, of course I wouldn’t know about it. That’s a secret, right? Down low, secret type of situation. Therefore, for me, it was the way I was being treated and just how we were disagreeing with each other.” Adding, “We just grew apart.”

Nelly, who was a guest on Watch What Happens Live asked Porsha,“The real question is, if he was gay, you stayed with him?” Porsha responded, “Well, if he was gay, and I stayed with him, that means I would have known about a boyfriend.”

Photo Credit: Bravo