Porsha Stewart Reveals She Still Doesn’t Know Why Kordell Filed For Divorce


During this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Stewart is going through a grueling divorce from her estranged husband, Kordell. Porsha is telling RadarOnline that their divorce is still not final. “We’re just not divorced yet,” Porsha told Radar in a new interview. “I’m not exactly sure how much longer we have.” Event though Porsha has insinuated Kordell is gay, calling him a queen and saying he didn’t want her physically, she insists his sexuality has nothing to do with why they are divorcing. “That has nothing to do with the reason why we are [getting] divorced,” she said. “Kordell filed for divorce because he has his own reason that he has come up with that I don’t know about and I continued with the divorce because the relationship was just broken.”

Porsha went into the marriage thinking they shared the same expectations. “I knew what kind of wife I wanted to be,” she revealed. “I wanted to trust my husband and I wanted to love him completely and that meant me also depending on him to take care of me and my heart. And so, that just meant me kind of turning out to be that 1950s wife and it ended up being that way.”

“I’m used to maintaining the household, so for me that is just an adjustment,” she said. “I’ve never believed in divorce, and so, when the situation with divorce came up, it just completely threw me off. I was in denial for a long time during that process.”

But she remains positive, adding, “I know that eventually I will meet that perfect somebody that I can adore and spoil him and he’ll do the same back for me.”

Photo Credit: Bravo