Porsha Stewart Reveals She Has A New Man, And He’s Famous


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is moving on from her nasty divorce with Kordell and is revealing to RadarOnline that she is back on the dating scene. Porsha, who explains she has only been on a handful of dates since her divorce, reveals she has found someone special. “I am definitely in the dating arena. I went on my first date on the Steve Harvey Show. Very first date and that kind of broke me in,” she told Radar. “There’s someone that I think is very special. He’s kind of standing out of the pack right now, so we’ll see how that turns out.”

Porsha doesn’t reveal her man’s identity, but she hints that he’s famous and is likely to appear on an episode of RHOA. “He’s well known and I’m just a little cautious this go around so I’m just kind of waiting for the time to be right before I make the next move,” Porsha said. “It will probably happen on the Housewives.”

Porsha tells Radar she’s looking for a man who is “God fearing” and “very confident in dealing with a woman who is walking in her purpose.”

“I’m trying to build an empire so I need somebody to stand by my side. Let’s be a power couple. Someone who just loves family. My family is always around. You see them on the show. They’re very passionate about me so those are like the main things,” she said.

Porsha also tells the site that she has learned some tough lessons from her marriage to Kordell. “Never to lose yourself in love. It’s okay to love a man but it’s better to love yourself more and you need to always stay focused on your goals even within it, and just still be independent and still believe in love and enjoy it,” she explains. “The heart is funny. It has a mind of its own and I know I am pushing forward and moving forward. When I give my heart to the next person, that’s when I know it will be completely.”

As for Kordell? The divorce was finalized in December, and Porsha says, “I feel like I got the closure that I wanted.”

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3 Replies to “Porsha Stewart Reveals She Has A New Man, And He’s Famous”

  1. Oh Porsha… pretty. But …pretty dumb… she’s gonna live off her husband (whoever the lucky bastard might be) for the rest of her life… and also it is very sad when people are dating people only because they are famous of are just super rich.

  2. Of course she does. She’s a golddigger and that’s what golddiggers do. She’ll either get dumped or cheated on and dumped.

  3. This new man will appear on RHOA? Looks like someone is looking for a storyline for next season so they don’t get the ax

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