Porsha Stewart Opens Up About RHOA Season 5! Plus- Butting Heads With Kenya Moore!

We haven’t been formally introduced to new Housewife, Porsha Stewart, on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she is dishing what we can expect from Season 5 to Hollywood Life. Some sources say we haven’t seen Porsha on RHOA yet because she was brought in later in the Season, and judging by a Tweet from her, that sounds correct. “Hey guys hope u loved the season opening of #RHOA! I did too! I make my debut on the third episode! Can’t wait! Thanks for the support!” Porsha tweeted on November 4th.

Porsha gushes over being a newlywed, “I’ve been married almost a year now [to former NFL player Kordell Stewart] so that’s another part of the reason why I decided to be on the show. I’m sitting back watching TV, and you know, you’re like ‘I want to see someone who reflects what I’m going through!’ and I said, why not let me be that person … so we decided to open our doors and let America come along for that journey. The good, the bad, and everything else,” Porsha continues.

As for a friendship with Kenya Moore? “Some of the trailers that are out now you see Kenya and I butt heads a bit,” Porsha reveals, “There’s some normal cattiness, but I feel like I deal with it well,” she continued, “I just don’t take very well to disrespect and people who just aren’t classy this season.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram