Porsha Stewart On Her Music Career, Miscarriages, Cast Mates, & LA Trip On RHOA!

Porsha Stewart

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart is opening up about her experience on her first Season of RHOA with Wetpaint Entertainment, in an exclusive interview. Porsha is opening up about her miscarriages, her relationships with the Housewives, her desire to enter the music business, and the cast trip to LA and Vegas later this Season!

Turns out, Porsha wants to make it in the music business, like so many other Housewives. She tells Wetpaint how that’s going for her, “Right now I’m doing demos for a couple of artists and just developing my sound. I’m not going to rush it because I want to make sure my music represents me and people can get a vibe of what I was feeling when I made the music and they can really connect to it. I’m taking my time with it.”

Porsha also talks about the difficulty of opening up about her miscarriages on television. “It was something I definitely had to pray about and decide if it was right for me to do. Knowing what I went through and how alone I felt going through that, I knew it was important for me to let other women see my story and see what I went through and see how they can prevent it for themselves. It was important for me to bring awareness to that. A lot of women have it [uterine fibroids] and they don’t know it. Going through it on television — you’ve only see the first part of the story— is exciting, but then the story completely plays out on the show,” Porsha reveals.

When asked what we can expect from the cast trip to LA and Vegas later this Season, Porsha says, “[Laughs] L.A. is fun. We go to L.A. and visit NeNe’s job where she actually films The New Normal, and we do a lot of fun things, but of course drama is lurking around the corner. I can definitely say it’s spicy. It’s definitely spicy. It continued from California and followed us to Vegas.”

We know Porsha doesn’t get along with cast mate, Kenya Moore, but how does she get along with the other Housewives? “As far as the other Housewives, we communicate. We talk about what’s coming up. NeNe, myself, and Cynthia, we talk, and Phaedra and I did a press tour together. I talk to some of them. It’s like getting to know people in real life, real relationships were formed and it wasn’t all good the entire time. Some of us may not be as close as others, I’m not even talking about Kenya, I’m talking about other castmates. Unfortunately, I did find myself in the middle of more drama than I expected. [Laughs] I think I handled it well,” Porsha said.

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