Porsha Stewart “I Was Living A Lie”


In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Stewart is seeking therapy after her shocking divorce from Kordell Stewart. Porsha, who admits she bottles her feelings, says, “I was living a lie. I wanted people to see my marriage as a completely different picture than what was actually happening. And Kordell was a whole other person behind closed doors.” When Porsha’s therapist points out that she was dependent financially on Kordell for everything, she asks the Bravo star, “Did you really have a husband or a father?”

“I think it was more like a father,” Porsha admits. “But that’s kinda what attracted me to him in a way, because my father died when I was 17 years-old. Watch the clip as Porsha confesses more details from her relationship with Kordell and opens up about her father’s death.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo