Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Twitter Feud!

Porsha Stewart

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart had an ongoing feud while Bravo was filming Season 5, and it looks like they are still going at it! Now they are taking their feud to Twitter! After the episode aired of their fight in Anguilla, Porsha took to her Twitter to sound off on Kenya’s actions on the recent episode. Porsha Tweeted her fans using hashtag #respectthecode, in a series of Tweets pertaining to Kenya’s actions, mainly her flirting with Phaedra’s husband, Apollo.

Porsha1 Porsha2 Porsha3Porsha4

Tell Us- Whose side are YOU on? Porsha or Kenya?

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Twitter Feud!”

  1. The way I heard Kenya Moore talk was disgusting, disrespectful and completely out of line, I’m sure her pageant coach from the 70s hid his face under his pillow for this one. As a male, just listening to a woman talk like that is shocking.

  2. Ugly Ne Ne. Started the whole mess! Why rehash all that old garbage? They seemed to be getti ng LNG fine until ugly NeNe wanted to be nosy. She always worrying about Kenya’s relationship with Walter. What about her and Greg. She bulldozed her fat body in front of the girls to catch the bouquet. Greg could have cared less. She is a loud mouth Nasty talking gangster. Who thinks the girls are afraid of her. Since she like to keep it real, discuss her relationship with Fred Sanford. Kenya may be a little ghetto and absolutely crazy for running behind Moeshas daddy, but she is Fabulous. Me Ne is the ugliest of them all with the nastiest mouth and keeps up the most s–!!

  3. calm down sometimes Kendra take ‘s it too far, but Porsha is a TRIP also, she thinks she’s Privileged and she’s not , she spoiled, and anyone who does not know that there is 365 days a year….well Im just saying

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