Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Physical Fight At RHOA Reunion Taping


The Real Housewives of Atlanta filmed the season 6 reunion on Thursday and RadarOnline is reporting that Porsha Stewart was so sick of Kenya Moore’s antics she lost her temper and “beat the sh*t” out of her co-star. “Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore,” an eyewitness tells Radar.

“Porsha beat the sh*t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair,” the witness continues. “Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt!”

As the rest of the cast and Andy Cohen watched in horror, security immediately tried to break up the fight. “They couldn’t get Porsha off Kenya!” the source told Radar.

US Weekly’s source shared, “There was a major physical altercation between Porsha and Kenya. To the point that Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beatdown.”

NeNe Leakes took to Twitter after the news broke to let it be known she’s on #TeamPorsha. “Love u @Porsha4real,” Leakes wrote.


UPDATE: One day after the reunion was filmed, more reports are explaining what may or may have not actually happened during Porsha and Kenya’s fight at the reunion.

A source tells People Magazine that Kenya is denying there was a brawl during the taping. “A fight broke out that had to be broken up,” a source tells the mag, adding that there was “definitely some hair pulling” athough no one was injured and the fight was broken up quickly by security.

A rep for Kenya tells ABC News, “Miss Moore was not engaged in any physical altercation. She adamantly condemns violence and would never be involved in such behavior.” Kenya also spoke out on Twitter, writing, “one thing u will NEVER see me do is fight. Your brain and tongue are your most powerful weapons.”

Kenya called 911, but no one was arrested. Listen to Kenya’s 911 phone call here.

Photo Credit: Bravo


39 Replies to “Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Physical Fight At RHOA Reunion Taping”

  1. Guess we know where Kenya will get her next load of dough cause ya know she is gonna press charges and also sue for “mental anguish”…

  2. WOW WHAT! Porsche did take a lot. Kenya is rediculas. She is truley someone who messes with people’s husbands and comments on others marriages without ever been married herself. I’m sure the antics Kenya pulled at the reunion was the pooling point for Porsche. I never condone putting your hands on anyone EVER. However I can only imagine the tension rising and losing your self control. I wonder if Kenya will be as loose with her attacks on the ladies next year having been “beat down”

  3. I’m glad that Porsha did beat kenyas butt!! Kenya deserved it!! she has always thought that she is better than the rest! She needs to be off that show!! Kenya is nothing but trouble and a bully!!

    1. Hate to say it but Kenya is helping with ratings for that show. Even nene is getting jelly of Kenya’s attention.

  4. Well! I never!!
    I don’t suppose production, the girls, or Andy would consider editing that locker room bullshxx out of reunion ….in the best
    Interest of our African American girls and those of us who have admired these women??!!
    I, for one, don’t watch reality tv for that much reality.
    Shame on Portia. Use your words, dear.

    1. Don’t think so….too little too late, not to mention bravo’s next cash cow, Kenya, may have restraining order against Porsha. Bravo will take Kenya’s side on who they would keep and Porsha will be history.

    2. I don’t think this saved it, I think this ruined her chance being in the next season.
      physical altercations are extremely prohibited and says so in their contract, if it wasn’t prohibited I suppose most of these women would have black eyes.

  5. Kudos to her for saving her job for next year. But I bet Kenya sues. Everyone has a limit and Porsha must have hit hers. Should push Kenya down a few pegs.

  6. Can’t wait to see it. Kenya getting hers is long over due. But poor Portia will now get sued by the witch and that will be the real bloodbath.
    Team Portia all the way.

  7. Kenya is cookoo, but getting physical with anyone is just NOT right and only Nene would applaud such behaviour (Kandi did not make a similar tweet for instance)

    Whatever Kenya said Porsche should just kept her fists in her pockets, getting into a physical fight with anyone is what a low-life does…

    Not cool Porscha, not cool at all. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

    1. Really? Says the person using a name from a group who portrayed themselves to be something that they clearly were not! Smh…blame it on the rain! Team Porsha all day

  8. Porshas been fired! She got sent home after the altercation and she didnt beat the shit out of her apparently it was just a slap

  9. I’ve seen updated stories that say this fight lasted approximately 2 seconds before security pulled Porsha off, escorted her off set and told her not to return. People are saying she was fired because of that. I’m team Kenya on this one either way. If Porsha didn’t want her marriage to be a point of discussion on the show, she shouldn’t have bashed Kordell and his sexuality on numerous occasions this season. At this point I don’t believe anything she has to say about that marriage. She repeatedly alleges that Kordell was gay then goes on to talk about how hard she’s trying to make their marriage work. Why would you wanna stay married if you think your husband’s gay…?

    1. I think Kenya needed to stay out of everyone’s business and stop acting like she is so tough. She does and says things that deserves a beat down. If your on her side your just as crazy as her. I don’t think that violence is the answer but if you pull some BS with the wrong person just know you might get your a kicked. NOW KENYA KNOWS THIS TOO. Maybe she won’t do that again. LOL Team Porchia!!!!!!!!!

      1. I’m actually quite sane thank you. Kenya was brought on this show for the sole purpose of bringing drama and she does it well, just look at the ratings this season. My opinion is still that if Porsha didn’t want Kenya calling her Kordell’s beard Porsha shouldn’t have been repeatedly insinuating the same thing. I think Kenya’s done other things that deserve a beatdown but this isn’t one of them IMO.

  10. I hate Kenya and glad Porscha slapped the shit out of her. If anyone deserved it she does sometimes your mouth wull get your ass beat.

  11. It’s so refreshing to see someone who deserves it get what’s coming to them.Glad it happened to you Ms Kenya Moore.Ha ha ha.

  12. I’m with Kenya . Yes she stirs the pot and causes drama but That’s what she was HIRED for . Besides most of the issues she’s raised on her castmates ARE TRUE . I feel bad for Porsha b/c I feel like she was conned into attacking Kenya on Phaedra & Nene’s behalf , Porsha HERSELF is the one who started the Sexuality rumors of Kordell , so don’t be mad if Kenya runs with them . I’d Keep Kenya over Porsha regardless , Phaedra & Cynthia can go too .

  13. Im sorry didnt Porsha tell Kandi she never used the anal beads . didn’t porsha make it a point the first half of the season to cry and insinuate Kordell was Gay. im sorry I just cant have sympathy for her . and as a married woman if my man was eyeing a woman and texting her and I dont like her me and him would have problems not the woman. but thats crazy how much support porsha has when she literally signed up to marry a man with gay rumors and control issues to erase his image. I doubt porsha is as nieve as she pretends.

  14. kenya had it coming i think we can all agree on that. do i think porscha is right for doing what she did ? no i do not but i cant say what i would do in that situation. kenya likes to push buttons stir the pot and give her 2 cents into business that does not involve her. porscha is dealing with alot, there is alot of stress her being on reality tv having your marriage crumble and being questioned getting nothing from settlement. i totally get why she would get to a boiling point and want to knock her out lol! i think she learned a lesson and i think kenya learned whos buttons shes not gonna press anymore. this should be a good reunion. BRAVO DO NOT EDIT IT OUT

  15. I agree with most of you, Kenya DESERVED THE SLAP, no ifs or buts about that. When you constantly meddle In other folks personal business, those are the consequences, you get slapped, shoved or a beat down. Where I come from, Kenya not only would have been beat down but seriously hurt. Mama don’t play that game, its obvious Porsha reached her boiling point. Believe me, this altercation will NOT change Kenya’s attitude, she’ll keep meddling and that’s just who she is, ratings or not,Team Porsha!

    1. I agree it’s just so much a person can take Kenya deserved that Ass whooping and more Kenya hits below the belt all the time and it’s not just for the show that’s her real personality even a fully sane person would snap after Kenya’s bullshit I don’t like violence but I hate bullies and shit startersI never liked Kenya from day one and everybody who says Porsha was wrong I would love to see them be taunted by Kenya like she did Porsha for so long or how she totally Dis-Respects Phaedra constantly then you’ll see how you could very easily lose it , Team Porsha All The Way!!

  16. The show is just o’kay to me. Kenya thinks she is GO! You’all should know who is of age, that mama taught you better. Kenya is a bunch of crap! She thinks she is better than everyone, when she should be really trying to find her mother and get her mother some help! I don’t care what it takes! You see her father came to see her–even if it wasn’t the best visit! He did come to see her! She should try to get her mother straight and that’s my final answer.

    On the other hand, NeNe should be shame of herself. She is upset because she has not made it in the world of being a good actor. No one wants NeNe one and NeNe two! NeNe is mad because her show was cancelled—should us viewers wonder why? Maybe it’s her attitude or her bullying. Stop bullying NeNe and be a REAL WOMAN!

    Kandi, you and mama Joyce need some serious counseling–your mama and her sisters should not treat anyone the way she/sisters have done on this show. BRAVO should not allow it!


  17. None of us knows what we would do most of use yes may not have done that. Regardless the girl said what she said begining of season 3 episodes. She never said it around Kenya and for kenya to say that in Mexico and keep at it even after maybe cameras stop rolling can drive a person to go crazy as she did. I dont think she meant to fight we are human with emotions and kenya got un onder her skin that day. Porsche Was on Bethany Said she did not ask for anything but to pay her medical bills.

  18. Go Porsha! I would have paid to have seen that! Kenya definitely had it coming for a long time. She’s lucky that Phaedra hasn’t already laid her out. I’m still trying to figure out how she was hired on a Housewives show when she isn’t nor ever been a housewife.

  19. I believe the only reason Phaedra hasn’t let Kenya have it is because Phaedra is a lawyer and knows what the consequences would be. You gotta give her some credit for not smashes the witch to bits.

  20. Am I the only one who realizes Kenya is always talking about Detroit as if to say everyone from Detroit automatically makes you a seasoned fighter. I was taught never to step into an arena if I wasn’t prepared to go toe to toe. This is the new puppet of the master puppeteer Andy Cohen. Just one thing she failed to think about “The Puppet Master “is not the one receiving the beatdown. Of course, there are those who feel that under no circumstances should Porsha have resorted to violence. Please realize this, the correct mix of circumstance, stress and human emotion can cause one to find themselves doing things that in there wildest dreams they would never imagine themselves doing. Kenya has been on a mission, if it wasn’t Porsha it would be someone else beating the brakes off this “lady”( using the term as loosely as I know how) IMO

  21. For all of those saying that Bravo prohibits violence & Porsha just ended her career on the show, I have two words for you:
    Theresa Guidice.
    The Queen of Physical Altercations.
    Need I remind you all of her “prostitution whore” table flipping episode or the reunion when she got physical with Bravo’s own Andy Cohen, pushing him down into his chair so she could go after Danielle Staub??
    If my calculations are correct, Porsha & Kenya will remain on the show with major plot lines centered around their feud.
    But we shall see…
    Love RHOA!!!!!

  22. I love me some PORSHA I know she’s tough person who can hit Kenya moore hard pull her hair down drag her in this floor that’s what she get keep talking crap about your divorce marriage file signing divorce papers about Cordell kenya need smoke a apple sit her behind down enjoy the housewives of Atlanta reunion talk I hope she will not saying anything else out of her mouth about my PORSHA she better watch it my PORShA don’t play like that she can fight black miss USA I know I can fight to honey I’m the one of those bad girls In back the day with bad divas second sisters I have fighting long sharp nails to scratch someone skin that’s what I’m about to do I have a experience to be educated bad girl fighter skills structure workout fit honey I know kenya moore bring her fake African prince boyfriend Walter to have a birth child with him I love you PORSHA girl I wish I can come housewives of Altanta reunion next year I see what is going on between you and kenya moore arguing about I wish I break them up I don’t know why kenya moore have to make excuse of second fight with PORSHA at the second housewives of Atlanta reunion fight showdown with PORSHA do throwdown hit kenya neck pull her hair down drag her to the floor of PORSHA have the kenya drama in this second season of housewives Altanta reunion I don’t have no comments for kenya I hope PORSHA can’t be friends with kenya in this second season I feel sorry for PORSHA who don’t have friends to be open minded communicating saying nice things without saying mean things negative about PORSHA that’s hurt her feelings you don’t talk about PORSHA’S divorce marriage that’s her defense about her own attorney talk about her divorce and not yours you don’t worried about PORSHA’S divorce marriage you worried about your own marriage who can be your husband or not kenya can’t be friends with wife’s husband who can be there friends all they want you have to keep eye on your husband cannot come against kenya friendship anymore I think PORSHA take another step to move forward right directions to follow the easy samples to ignore or walk away without arguing fighting I know she going be hot with kenya moore I know PORSHA want find a great new friend to hold her back I know she will kick kenya ass when I see her next year third housewives of Atlanta reunion I wish I have to bring the belt with me next year I tear her behind I’m on Facebook page of image picture of me my new thin skinny body on the Facebook I know PORSHA made a commitment look me up on the Facebook page it has my name on it it has my iPhone number in it with my picture of myself you free to make contact with me you can send me great comment about what happened with PORSHA and kenya are not getting along let me know that happens I will come by your new house I can see what is going on between not get to be friends are stay friends I have to bring PORSHA’S sister Lauren with me to break PORSHA and kenya

  23. I love PORSHA I’m on her team she’s very talent person that I love about her I don’t care about Kenya moore she’s dumb just leave the girl PORSHA alone Which is I don’t like the way Kenya should not be assaulted PORSHA like that kenya got her hair pulled and smashed down to PORSHA’S gold sparkle dress is going be all over KENYA’S hair looks like Cinderella GO PORSHA GO I got love me some PORSHA she’s the one of kind nobody mess with my boo accept for Kenya I wish I knocked her out to I wish I will pull her hair to the reunion stage floor got her hair smashed on my dress honey love you PORSHA you the best loL I love you in my heart’ thank you for pulling Kenya’s hair down to across stage floor for me smooches

  24. Kenya Moore should not bring her props on the reunion or bringing wife’s husband character up to this who got filed divorce to provoke with other women that’s totally disrespectful porsha is very confidence

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