Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Feud! Porsha Talks About Their Fight In Anguilla!

Porsha Stewart

New Real Housewife of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart, sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment to dish on her fight in Anguilla with Kenya Moore! Porsha explains why she thinks Kenya is jealous of her, and what was going through her head when the fight between she and Kenya exploded in Anguilla!

Wetpaint asked Porsha what was going through her head when the fight with Kenya was taking place, and she replied, “I said, “OK, she’s starting to lose it.” And when she called me a bitch the first time, it just struck me as, this is really happening. She is about to go overboard and act a complete nut on you. I had to stand my ground and defend myself after complimenting her, which was even crazier. From there it just was like a tornado.”

Next, Wetpaint asks Porsha if there was more to the fight that viewers didn’t see. Porsha explains, “No, that was everything besides a little here and there. That was the whole thing. Exactly what you saw is what happened.

In the beginning, I was trying to defend myself … but then after she crossed that line, I said, “OK, if I’m under attack I definitely have to attack back.” That’s when I started letting her know she has demonstrated everything that I was telling her. I wasn’t just calling her a tramp or anything out of midair. This is from the actions she has shown since we arrived by boat to this place.

I think she started getting more and more angry the more I started spilling out the truth in front of the other ladies — who had already been offended. Then she probably felt like “oh lord, she’s pumping all the other girls up against me,” when actually I was just telling the truth. Therefore, she couldn’t use her words and she just ended up totally going hood. The other ladies saw it. Her true colors came out that night.”

Last, Wetpaint asks Porsha if she reads Kenya’s Bravo Blogs, because she mentions her a lot, “No, but she’s completely obsessed with talking about me. Her favorite word is “relevant,” and I feel like she may be using an argument or her anger towards me to keep herself relevant. Right now, I feel like she’s bullying me. I feel like she’s using the press to bully me, her blogs to bully me, and at some point she should just get over talking about me. I feel sorry for her, I really do.

I feel like when I look at her she’s empty, and she’s searching for something and she can’t find it. She looks at me and she thinks, “Porsha thinks she’s perfect, Porsha thinks she has it all.” So therefore she thinks I have it all and she’s empty, what is she going to be? Envious.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo