Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Feud! Porsha Talks About Their Fight In Anguilla!

Porsha Stewart

New Real Housewife of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart, sat down with Wetpaint Entertainment to dish on her fight in Anguilla with Kenya Moore! Porsha explains why she thinks Kenya is jealous of her, and what was going through her head when the fight between she and Kenya exploded in Anguilla!

Wetpaint asked Porsha what was going through her head when the fight with Kenya was taking place, and she replied, “I said, “OK, she’s starting to lose it.” And when she called me a bitch the first time, it just struck me as, this is really happening. She is about to go overboard and act a complete nut on you. I had to stand my ground and defend myself after complimenting her, which was even crazier. From there it just was like a tornado.”

Next, Wetpaint asks Porsha if there was more to the fight that viewers didn’t see. Porsha explains, “No, that was everything besides a little here and there. That was the whole thing. Exactly what you saw is what happened.

In the beginning, I was trying to defend myself … but then after she crossed that line, I said, “OK, if I’m under attack I definitely have to attack back.” That’s when I started letting her know she has demonstrated everything that I was telling her. I wasn’t just calling her a tramp or anything out of midair. This is from the actions she has shown since we arrived by boat to this place.

I think she started getting more and more angry the more I started spilling out the truth in front of the other ladies — who had already been offended. Then she probably felt like “oh lord, she’s pumping all the other girls up against me,” when actually I was just telling the truth. Therefore, she couldn’t use her words and she just ended up totally going hood. The other ladies saw it. Her true colors came out that night.”

Last, Wetpaint asks Porsha if she reads Kenya’s Bravo Blogs, because she mentions her a lot, “No, but she’s completely obsessed with talking about me. Her favorite word is “relevant,” and I feel like she may be using an argument or her anger towards me to keep herself relevant. Right now, I feel like she’s bullying me. I feel like she’s using the press to bully me, her blogs to bully me, and at some point she should just get over talking about me. I feel sorry for her, I really do.

I feel like when I look at her she’s empty, and she’s searching for something and she can’t find it. She looks at me and she thinks, “Porsha thinks she’s perfect, Porsha thinks she has it all.” So therefore she thinks I have it all and she’s empty, what is she going to be? Envious.”

Tell Us- Do YOU agree with Porsha?

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5 Replies to “Porsha Stewart, Kenya Moore Feud! Porsha Talks About Their Fight In Anguilla!”

  1. Porsha that Old Hag Witch has nothing on you! You are young, smart and beautiful. This is why she is sooooooooooooo intimidated and threatened by you and the other girls. You are ALL the things Kenya Moore is not. She is scrambling, hanging on any way she can. Looking at Kenya you can see she emulates fear, jealousy and buckets of anger. Kenya continually hangs onto who she was 20 years ago. She still perceives herself as a “young” woman. Kenya’s reality is so distorted because she is stuck in the past. She is broken. Her anger has her paralyzed. She has so much baggage. She looks like an old warn suitcase now but she thinks she is still young and beautiful. Until she learns to accept who she is now, she will remain in the past. No man wants this much baggage.
    Just be yourself Porsha. Stop wasting your breath talking and thinking about her. You are robbing yourself of precious time every minute you spend dwelling on Kenya. The world sees her for what she is. She doesn’t have a cheering squad in her corner and you won’t either if you continue to focus on her. You’ve been going on and on about her. Forget it all. Move on. She’s just not worth it. Every time you fire back she will continue to do the same. She has to think she is winning at all costs. Dont be like her. Just stop!
    If you don’t people will look at you and think of you as being just like her. Do you want that? Let her go, let it all go. Do you want to be know as the girl who fights, slams and argues with Kenya Moore. That’s all people will remember you for. Is that how you want people to think of you. Remember Kenya is fighting the same battle she as fought for years. She s fighting her personality disorder. She is ill, mentally. You cannot fux her or make her see the light. the only way she knows is thru anger, violence and her trash mouth. It won’t change, she can’t. She’s not intelligent enough.

  2. I know tv spins people and can edit things to make certain people look a certain way and I hope that’s the cause because otherwise that kenya chick is nuts! Its actually aggravating to watch as I am an avid viewer of all the RH shows and anytime she opens her mouth and starts making announcements, speeches, etc I just want to change the channel! I want to get back to hearing more about the original housewives of Atlanta lives instead of hers please.

  3. I actually think that Porsha is classless. How could she accept a Chanel bag at a charity event from her husband at a charity event she is hosting…tacky. She seemed to be very shallow, which is demonstrated in the way she talks, the senseless things she says, like ” I want to start of with twins”. She also seemed very ghetto when she insisted on calling Kenya names, like old, tramp etc. I am feeling more empathy towards Kenya. I like her personality.

  4. love Portia-her family have been working for civil rights forever-she is a lovely,charming woman who was driven beyond the pail by an husband stealing,desolute human being–please keep her on the show–she is the only one with an moral fiber at all.

  5. I agree with Porsha to a point. Kendra Moore is and always will be a jealous person filled with so much hatred and envy. Because of Porsha’s beauty, Kendra can’t except someone in her space so it drives her insane as she openly displays disgrace due to her insecurities and Bipolar ways. Anyone who gets attention (taking attention away from Kendra) is a potential candidate to this insane women’s behavior. She is quick to latch out and disrespect others but will quickly run, change her words when called out or get a lawyer when you strike back or get the better of her. Ditch this (isb – pronounced is-bee) In-Sane-Bitch and stop wasting your time. Now for you Ms. Porsha! You were a much classier person (toned down and displayed grace) when you were married and first came on the show. I am sorry for your divorce (sometimes things just aren’t meant to be) but now you’ve gotten a little beside yourself. Trying too hard to fit in with the show, you’ve turned classy into trashy as you’ve becoming openly slutty. Not to take anything away from you, Porsha you’re still a beautiful young woman but girlfriend slow down and check yourself before you turn into an ugly Kendra. I have nothing but much love for you and the other girls.

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