Porsha Stewart, “I’m Not Ready To Date Yet”


On the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we will see Porsha Stewart struggle with her divorce from Kordell. In a new interview, Porsha is opening up about how difficult the past year has been. “It was very difficult with everyone knowing all the details of the divorce. When you’re going through a divorce, you would rather go through it alone, and I had to go through a divorce in front of the world,” she told Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. “But you never know how strong you are until you are put in a certain position. I realized my strength and that’s what’s keeping me together.”

Porsha shares that her fellow RHOA cast mates have been a big support system. “I’ve gotten closer to NeNe, Kandi and Phaedra,” she says. “These women have had life experiences on their own and when they saw me as a young woman going through something, they decided to take all of their experiences and knowledge and poured it into me and that really, really helps.”

But Porsha explains she is not ready to find a new man yet. “I am working hard, so I am not paying attention to men in that way,” she says. “I work all the time and I am paying attention to myself. People around me know I’m not quite ready to date yet.”

Photo Credit: Bravo