Porsha Stewart Goes On Her First Date In 7 Years


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart went on her first date in 7 years thanks to Steve Harvey. The talk show host created his own version of The Dating Game, where three bachelors went on to try to win Porsha’s heart. Porsha ended up picking a man named Kinyumba, who had the perfect answer to the question: What would he say to her on their first date to get a second date? “I’m a gentleman so hopefully I’ll be taking you back home, I’ll walk you to your door, give you a hug softly, kiss you on your cheek and whisper in your ear just very plainly, ‘When can I see you again?’”

Of course, Steve sent cameras on Porsha’s date and even though the situation was forced, the two actually seemed to hit it off. “He seems really genuine and I can really appreciate that,” Porsha said. Kinymba said Porsha is “a true Southern belle, she has the whole package.”

Kinymba asked Porsha for a second date, but she hasn’t revealed if she accepted or not.

Photo Credit: Twitter
Video Credit: Steve Harvey Show


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  1. Porsha, please say no to the second date. Go back home and sit down. Hire a tutor you need to learn how many days are in a year. You need to learn what siamese cats are. “Innocent until proven guilty” and so much more. Kandi and NeNe should be with you constantly cause you dont make sense when you speak.

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