Porsha Stewart Disputes Kordell’s Divorce Claims!

Porsha Stewart

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Stewart was reportedly blindsided when her husband, Kordell, filed for divorce on March 22nd, 2013, and now Kordell is taking passive-aggressive jabs at his estranged wife through the process. When Kordell filed for divorce he used her maiden named Porsha Williams. So in her counter claim, Porsha makes it very clear that her legal name is Porsha Stewart, basically saying Kordell was being a jerk by not using her correct name.

Porsha admits the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and there are no prospects for reconciliation. Her divorce documents also dispute the football player’s claim that “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.” She claims she did not work for two years, at Kordell’s request, and helped raise his son from a previous relationship. She says now her “earning capacity was set back significantly.”

RumorFix reports Porsha is asking for the following in the divorce:

  • All property to be divided  equally unless another agreement can be made
  • Kordell to pay all marital debt
  • Porsha wants exclusive use and possession of their home on a permanent basies
  • Kordell to pay alimony
  • Kordell to pay all attorney fees
  • All insurance policies to stay in full force

Photo Credit: Bravo