Porsha Stewart Disputes Kordell’s Divorce Claims!

Porsha Stewart

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Stewart was reportedly blindsided when her husband, Kordell, filed for divorce on March 22nd, 2013, and now Kordell is taking passive-aggressive jabs at his estranged wife through the process. When Kordell filed for divorce he used her maiden named Porsha Williams. So in her counter claim, Porsha makes it very clear that her legal name is Porsha Stewart, basically saying Kordell was being a jerk by not using her correct name.

Porsha admits the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and there are no prospects for reconciliation. Her divorce documents also dispute the football player’s claim that “[She’s] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.” She claims she did not work for two years, at Kordell’s request, and helped raise his son from a previous relationship. She says now her “earning capacity was set back significantly.”

RumorFix reports Porsha is asking for the following in the divorce:

  • All property to be divided  equally unless another agreement can be made
  • Kordell to pay all marital debt
  • Porsha wants exclusive use and possession of their home on a permanent basies
  • Kordell to pay alimony
  • Kordell to pay all attorney fees
  • All insurance policies to stay in full force

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11 Replies to “Porsha Stewart Disputes Kordell’s Divorce Claims!”

  1. This is why Kandi is all about a prenup! When you have money and children before marriage then I am all for a prenup; you need to protect your children first. This is going to get nasty.

  2. Well since they”re in Georgia, he”ll probably just offer her a lump sum. Because its been under 2 years, he doesn’t have to split anything, and she has to abide by the prenup.

  3. Porsha you hold your ground and male him pay, for 2 years you were his maid, sex toy, wopping girl, free baby setter, and stylest. And he would not LET you work for 2 years so he should have to take care of you. Kordell is showing everyone that watchs RHOA and knows anything about him that he is a true a– hole, and he is makeing himself look like the jerk he is. RHOA did not make him LOOK bad Kordell made him look bad.

  4. this is so sad money is the root of all evil and this is a prime example. Kordell had a good woman. Which most men don’t realize until their gone. Porsha your a great woman walk with your head up and remember in your next marriage to be who you truly are inside and out. This whole ordeal is sad…….

  5. This has made me cry no I don’t no her personally but I have a heart I’m sure she doesn’t want anything but her husband its hurtful to love someone with all your heart and they show they didn’t love u in the end no I don’t no the whole story but 2 years how much of a story is there I’m heartbroken sorry Porsche luv u most….just a fan

  6. take them into court and make them each take an intelligence test, including grammatical skills, spelling, knowledge, etc.

    winner takes all!

    then give the rest of the housewives of atlanta a grammar/english test.. they all butcher the english language mercilessly every time they open their classless uneducated mouths..

    i often wonder which is worse.. atlanta or new jersey.. both butcher the english language..

    uneducated bimbo wannabe’s .. all of them ..

  7. I felt so bad for her when he filed. It came out of nowhere for her, I guarantee it. She dreams of the fairytale marriage and sadly, this one wasn’t it. He’s incredibly controlling-Porsha, ring him DRY! One year isn’t a lot, but with Kordell it must’ve been an ETERNITY! Get what you deserve, Porsha!!

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