Porsha Stewart Dishes On Kenya, Apollo Texting Scandal


Kenya Moore has been accused of texting with Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, and now Kenya’s nemesis, Porsha Stewart is speaking out about the allegations, including Moore’s confrontation with Parks last week on RHOA. “I was sitting there and I was trying to be quiet,” Porsha told RadarOnline. “I was just looking forward to having a good girls’ night and then I had to sit down and listen to lie after lie after lie.”

“It’s one thing to make a mistake,” Stewart said. “It’s another thing not to own it. So, I thought that was just poor taste and a low character value for her not to even admit what she had done and just simply apologize.”

Porsha does not believe it was right for Kenya to be texting Phaedra’s husband. “Hell no!” Stewart said. “None of my staff, my assistant, my publicist, nobody is going to have my man’s number, period. So if it’s a girlfriend, you’re definitely not going to have it.”

“They were both in the wrong,” Stewart said. “Now, I don’t know if Apollo told Phaedra immediately, but if he did respond to her anything besides, ‘I don’t think this is appropriate,’ he was in the wrong too.”

Porsha suggets Phaedra talks to Apollo ASAP. “First, she definitely needs to have a sit-down conversation with her husband and let him know what she feels is inappropriate. She needs to ask him, ‘What do you think is inappropriate?’ And after he answers, then she has to tell him what she feels and move [on] from that point forward. But first you have to come to an understanding.”

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2 Replies to “Porsha Stewart Dishes On Kenya, Apollo Texting Scandal”

  1. After watching last nights show I am convinced that Kenya is in need of a good therapist. Watching a grown woman acting so childish is an embarrassment.

  2. The girl is loco! The group needs to watch out, Kenya strikes me as the type to go postal… She’s strange. Now, this is based on personal opinion, seriously, she’s scary….

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