Porsha Stewart Discusses Her Beliefs On Pre-Nups!

Porsha Stewart

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart took some heat for her comments about not believing in prenuptial agreements on the last episode of RHOA. Especially from her co-star, NeNe Leakes. NeNe claimed Porsha doesn’t believe in pre-nups because she has never “worked her butt off” for her career. Porsha is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her beliefs, and explain why she and Kordell decided against it.

Porsha writes, “Well let’s jump right in to when Kandi asked me if I had a pre-nup. I was thrown completely off. I really like her and felt comfortable with her, but here I am about to answer a personal question for the world to see. So I just fly out with a no. In my opinion a marriage is a sacred union between two people coming together as one with love being that foundation — being one in mind, body, and spirit. This means I want to agree with my husband and have like minds, I want to bond with him in the flesh (meaning anything that has to do with the natural things, whether it’s a sexual, monetary, or family issue etc.). I also want to become one spiritually with my husband so that we are equally yoked. We have the same beliefs when it comes to God and how WE have our purpose shown to us by God. So through bonding with him in mind, body, and spirit there is no place for a piece of paper to stand between us. However I totally can see anyone else’s point of view and understand why she or anyone else would choose to have one. For me I see it as a “to each his own” issue.”

Tell Us- Do you agree?

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3 Replies to “Porsha Stewart Discusses Her Beliefs On Pre-Nups!”

  1. I agree with Porsha! It was very low-ball for NeNe Leakes to throw her surgically altered nose in!!! It would be different had NeNe voiced HER beliefs on prenuptials without throwing a backhanded diss. Prenuptials are as personal as asking if one uses condoms, flavored or not?

    Not everyone has to work hard, on poles,snatching wigs or acting to become rich. Some are borne into it and well others inherit it, from divorce. It doesn’t help that with that diss, it reminded us of the Nene we grew to hate. Just when we were growing to love, all over again the NeNe from Season 1 and Season 2.

  2. To each his own indeed. Kordell could have asked for a prenup to protect himself and he chose not to. Porsha shouldn’t be judged for how she and Kordell chose to conduct their marriage.

  3. Porsha doesn’t see any problem with it because she wasn’t working at the time. The fact is Kordell is at the end of his career and Porsha is at the beginning of hers. It is posible that she could make more money than him if she finds the right profession. She may feel differently once she starts working. A pre-nup will protect you at the end of the marriage, but it can’t help you during the marriage!
    Wealthy men don’t usually ask for a pre-nup, but wealthy women do.

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