Porsha Stewart Awarded Spousal Support!


Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Stewart was blindsided when her husband, Kordell, filed for divorce. After a battle, on June 10, a Fulton County Georgia judge ordered Kordell to pay Porsha temporary spousal support! Court documents obtained by Hip Hop Enquirer, claim that Porsha is to receive $5,000 per month from Kordell for the next three months!

The court documents also state that Kordell will obtain exclusive use of the couple’s home, but is responsible for transferring Porsha’s belongings to a storage unit. Kordell will be responsible to pay for all costs regarding the move.

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6 Replies to “Porsha Stewart Awarded Spousal Support!”

  1. Damn!! That Kordell is tough. Was she that bad of a wife and mother to his illegitimate child that he needed to treat her that way???

  2. I feel badly for Porshea.
    That’s not enough….for 3 months? There was no way he wanted another child.

    What’s with these NFL players? Sherry and now Porshea….Wow….

  3. Porsha was too good for that arrogant piece of sh-t gay guy. I have nothing against gays unless they deny and then bash their own, which is what he did. You are the victim, Porsha, your attorney should look into proving that he married you under false pretenses (he is gay) which would give you a much bigger settlement. Normally, I would not recommend this but you definitely deserve to be compensated for pain and suffering, due to his lies. You went into this marriage honestly. He wanted someone to take care of his son and boost his image. If your lawyer is not willing to go after him for this find someone who will, Gloria Allred comes to mind. Kordell needs to see the damage he has caused you.

  4. Why does Bravo keep Kenya on this show? I fast forward everytime she talks. The other women on the show have class and substance, Kenya makes the show ghetto. Please remove her from the show.

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