Porsha Stewart Accused Of Robbing Fans


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart reportedly stole several thousand dollars from fans because she showed up hours late for a scheduled event, according to the event organizer. Tanika Olivier tells TMZ she hired Porsha to make a 4 hour appearance in Ocoee, FL Thursday night. But Stewart wasn’t just an hour late, she showed up 20 minutes before they folded up tent. Olivier says Porsha had several excuses for being late; her flight was delayed, the driver took her to the wrong hotel, and they had to make a stop to change into fresh clothes.

According to Olivier Porsha was paid $2,000 up front for the appearance and she demanded the remaining $2,000 she was owed after she failed to attend the event. The police were called to settle the issue and Olivier eventually cut Porsha the check, but she tells TMZ she’s decided to stop payment, and she wants the initial payment back ASAP.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Renita

    Porsha, you are one dam stupid idiot. First your marriage is a fake. Then if your getting a divorce that’s fake as well. Then your saying you live a picture perfect life is a lie as well. nothing about you seems to be true. You honestly should have been cut from the show. I never liked you from day one. I agree with Nene you need to drop Kordells last name. Now your using it to sell you very expensive hair products. He should ask you for money because your using hs name to sell hair care products. Kenya didn’t copy cat youuuu you copy cat Kim!!! You really need to get your life together grow up and then return to the show. He pays you allomony and you were supposed to use it to look for a place to live??? Instead you use it to party???? What a immature B*tch!!!!