Porsha Stewart Accused By Producer Of Stealing A Song And Singing It Poorly


On the last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we saw Porsha Stewart working on her music career in the studio. We heard Porsha singing the song ‘Perfectly Worthless’ and now the original songwriter, Pierre Medor, is claiming Stewart stole the song and sang it poorly!

Pierre tells YBF that he did in fact write and produce the song for Porsha, but when he realized her voice couldn’t do the song any justice, he gas it to someone else. So it came as a “complete surprise” when Porsha was featured “recording” the song on TV.

Medor insists he did not give Bravo permission to use the footage of Porsha singing the song. According to Pierre, he “agreed to Bravo’s filming before he told Porsha she could not have the song. But the footage was edited and aired anyway.”

Medor’s rep explains: “In the business more than one artist will record the same song hoping for the right outcome, as was the case with ‘Perfectly Worthless’. Porsha Stewart wanted a song, Pierre Medor wrote and produced this song in its entirety. Not having any previous point of reference for Porsha, we initially recorded the song for the purpose of determining her vocal abilities and how they would fit with this particular song; it was quickly determined that this song wasn’t the best match for her, so we chose not to sell her the song and notified her management of our decision. ‘Perfectly Worthless’ is a great song and she loves it…we get that. But just like every body doesn’t look good in spandex, every voice doesn’t fit every song. It’s just unfortunate that Porsha has chosen to create another delusional marriage with this song by airing it and claiming to have taken part in its creation.”

UPDATE: After Pierre’s allegations, Porsha contacted TMZ to set the record straight. She revealed that Pierre did sign a release form allowing the song to be featured on the show and that he was just looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

In fact, the night the episode aired, Porsha and Pierre exchanged text messages! “They played u tonight!!!!! Lol we was caught off guard lmao,” Porsha texted to Pierre, who responded, “It’s cool. It was a good look! Now we need to get a record done.”

Photo Credit: Bravo