Porsha And Kordell Stewart Are Officially Divorced


After two and a half years of marriage, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is officially divorced from Kordell. Kordell’s lawyer tells RadarOnline that the couple’s divorce has been finalized and that his client “believed the marriage was for life” and is “very disappointed” it ended in divorce. “As a single dad, Kordell wanted to put his best foot forward by doing what was in the best interest of Syre. However, the lack of truthfulness by Porsha during the divorce has been very confusing and hurtful to Kordell and his son,” Shiel Edlin told Radar, referring to Porsha igniting rumors that Kordell is gay.

Edlin is “hopeful that Porsha will stop vilifying Kordell at every opportunity.” Adding, “For reasons we can’t understand, she displayed reckless abandonment of anything close to the truth over the last eight months.”

Photo Credit: Bravo