Porsha And Phaedra Claim Peter Is Cheating On Cynthia Bailey


In this clip from Sunday night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks claim to have dirt on Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter.

Phaedra tells Porsha why she got up and left Cynthia at their one-on-one dinner. “I don’t know why Cynthia has been so vicious to me,” Phaedra says in her interview. “I haven’t done anything to her. We actually have supported her. My mom orders from the plus size magazine that she models for.”

“The new Cynthia is a mean girl. She’s messy, she’s dirty, she’s low-down and she’s bored!” Porsha says.

Phaedra tells Porsha, “My thing is is we all know stuff about everybody…”

“Right,” Porsha agreed, “but we don’t always bring it up.”

“I don’t say it unless I know it to be true,” Phaedra continues. “Because if I said half of the stuff I knew about her it would be quite… not nice.”

“You know stuff about Cynthia or about Peter?” Porsha asks.

“I know stuff about both of them,” Phaedra claims.

“Cynthia has dirt? Because I already know about Peter’s dirt,” Porsha says. “She [Cynthia] already knows about what Peter has going on, that’s why it’s not in the rumor mill. It’s almost like when the woman already knows what’s the point in spreading stuff like that?”

“No one is going to put out a rumor about fibroids and dry vaginas,” Parks laughs.

Watch the clip below.

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14 Replies to “Porsha And Phaedra Claim Peter Is Cheating On Cynthia Bailey”

  1. Whats new…seems to be a common practice. Such a shame if it is true. Is there no value placed on marriage anymore…

    1. These are ordinary people who go into the ‘reality world’ and think they are something special. Most people don’t cheat on their spouse!

  2. Like we aren’t supposed to know this convo is not payback for a previous pre-planned hit job by Cynthia. But why do Phaedra and Porsha walk down the same gutter Cynthia lives on? Although, if Peters cheating allegations are true, it could explain why Cynthia is SO all over trying to throw cheating allegations on someone, anyone else.

  3. I think Cynthia was going against her own sweet nature with the Phaedra cheating thing, and it bit her. She’s not a vicious person, and she was up against absolute vipers. I see Phaedra and the idiot sidekick Porsha just loving the chance to hurt Cynthia. Really, the horse had already left the barn way before Cynthia brought it up. We already knew from Phaedra’s husband not only that there were rumors, but that there was proof Phaedra was messing around. And, really, Phaedra? You’re going to sit there with that rotund body and make a jab at Cynthia’s plus size line?

  4. Why is Porsha talking? The back and forth between these 2 idiots was hot air in defense of Phaedra having an alleged affair and Porsha’s tryst with a married man. Pathetic.

  5. Am I watching the same show, Phaedra having a rotund body???? She is short but rotund is ridiculous DebBren, I guess you are a supermodel? Cynthia may be tall but her personality is extremely lacking!!

    1. Phaedra made a jab at Cynthia’s plus size line, so she’s fair game. Take a look at Phaedra in the opening credits. She looks like bread dough that was wrapped in an outfit that expanded after it was dressed. Even her legs are exploding out of the pencil skirt.

    1. Cynthia has no personality or story line so the pair of them deserve everything that is said about them, heard of glasshouses and stones? I’m. Not saying I like Porscha or Phaedra but all on this show are fake Neyney being the worst especially with her new Marj Simpson wig! Kim Zolziak must be having a laugh after all the things Neyney said about hers!!!

  6. If Cynthia is willing to throw out rumors about Phaedra’s marriage, or anyone else’s, then she should expect to get rumors thrown right back at her. Don’t be a hypocrite Cynthia!

  7. Certainly wouldn’t be shocked if Peter was cheating he seemed to hang out with Apollo plenty and at strip clubs .. Birds of a feather flock together! Cynthia went there she just might regret that!

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