Police Called While RHONJ Film Season 5!

Albie Manzo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming Season 5, and there’s already drama involving the cops! And it’s not the women for once! According to NJ.com, Thursday night, a man in a Hoboken bar threw a glass at some of the cast while the cameras were rolling, because he was told he couldn’t appear on camera. Police were called to City Bistro Bar at 14th and Washington streets at 11:02 p.m., where they met the film crew and cast recording a scene for RHONJ.

Albie Manzo, son of Caroline, told police that a stranger forced his way in front of the cameras while they were filming. The film crew and security asked the man to leave, but he protested and threw a glass in the general direction of the cast, reports said. The glass was not aimed at any one individual and broke on the floor.

Albie told police he believed the man started acting out when he was told that he couldn’t appear on camera. Security escorted him out, but the man reappeared five minutes later swinging a baseball bat and began taunting Manzo before leaving again.

The man was not charged, police said, adding that the “Real Housewives” group did not wish to file a complaint.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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