Police Called Six Times in Three Days to RHOC Star Kelly Dodd’s Home

RHOC star Kelly Dodd has had the Newport Beach police visit her house six different times within a three days times period.

Police officers responded to four calls on July 20, 2017 for “keeping the peace.”

One call didn’t have a specific reason, but they all happened within minutes of each other.

Officers responded to another “keep the peace” call on July 21, and then another one on July 22 for the same nature, RadarOnline reports.

The week prior there was a call for “disturbance” on July 17.

The most recent call was on August 6 for a “911 call from cell phone.”

The police have also reportedly gone to Kelly’s home in April for a “follow up” and “ACO telephone call.” Then they ended up coming back the next month for a “domestic disturbance.”

Does this surprise you?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • timdun

    No this doesn’t surprise me. I guess this proves that money can’t buy you class.

  • cat62

    Oh hell no I am not surprised. She is a loose cannon – especially when she drinks and then she is pure evil.

  • Daisy

    Ummmm. …. ok, not surprised at all

  • Deborah Brenner

    Maybe Kelly shouldn’t be doling out accusations of bad mothering to Meghan and excessive consumption (of food or drink) to Shannon. You think?

    • Ditto, Deborah. Her actions on the show are disgusting. The way she treats her husband is disgusting. SHE is disgusting. People don’t change when they walk into their homes. Like I always said about Kim R., the person she is on the show, and at reunions, is who she is. If I was Brooke, knowing Kim still has that vicious dog, I would NEVER allow my baby/child to be alone with Kim. There are endless stories where dogs who have attacked before, in this case 3 times that we know of, that they go for kids too. It is so incredibly sad.

  • Daisy

    Hahaha , all that work for nothing

  • And this is why I didn’t bother with RHOC this season. Watching a mentally ill person implode is not entertaining, Bravo!

    • Rain

      I’m boycotting too ! Let’s hold hands ❤️

  • Rain

    Praying for you Sandy that you don’t get havoc form the hurricanes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BakerChick

    She’s a twisted sister. I’ll wager 5 bucks this ones gonna find herself in the clink one day soon, she needs some serious meds and if she is on some mood stabilizer it isn’t working and they need tweaking.

  • Cin

    no surprise here….. she’s a mess.

  • Minx

    Hello Rain,
    We will,be going Sunday & Monday!
    Her Showing is Tomorrow in the early Evening..
    My Guy, had to trade Shifts, to get Sunday & Monday off..
    For, us a Weekend could be Tuesday & Wednesday…
    I am at his house, waiting until he gets off shift, 1:30 am…
    I thought I mentioned Sunday & Monday?
    How is your Weekend going?

  • Yep, your memory was correct, a bar in the closet. Kelly’s 1st season was my last. I wanted to see if Viki would fess up, but she didn’t. What a surprise, hahahaha.
    Hi, Sandy. How goes it over on your side of the country? Good I hope.
    I bet money it was Kelly beating up on her husband, not the other way around. She is the most loud mouthed, relentless, hateful, sadistic, vindictive and inhuman HW EVER. I will never figure why Bravo chooses not only classless women, but ugly ones too. There are so many beautiful, wealthy, classy women in So. Ca. to choose from, and we get HER. She’s not even slightly pretty or endearing in any way. Her taste in clothing looks like she shops in the dumpster ( I won’t insult thrift stores, as many people shop there and look great, having little money means having little money, nothing more )

    • Real Sandy

      Hi 3 D’s. How are you. All is okay here. Thanks for asking.
      I don’t watch after that year either, but I do comment from time to time. I cannot stand Kelly or Vicki, and I cannot stomach them for one more episode, let alone, a full season. Nope. I agree with you about Vicki too. She has no remorse.
      I am thinking the most classy (bar a few) of the women in that part of CA just don’t want to be on reality TV, so they skip it. It is a major intrusion on your life, and only a few can really handle it and handle it well.
      I think they scraped the bottom of the barrel when they found Kelly, too. She is the worst. I cannot believe she and her husband stay together, given how badly she spoke of him and her drunken behavior, etc. It boggles the mind.
      I agree that money does not buy you taste. You can shop at thrift stores and such and look good with a little taste, and some, with all the money to spend that they want, will look ridiculous no matter what they choose…tasteless.
      Have a nice day.

  • Well, Kim R. never did one thing she was ordered by the court to do, and they have done nothing to penalize her either. I guess the “stars” in Ca., are given special treatment.

  • Yes, almost always. When she is asleep she isn’t. The rest of the time she is it seems. I heard she is doling out criticism to Megan about her mothering? Look in the mirror Kelly.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Shakes head. Reminded of the archetype kind of couple that thrives on fussing, fighting, who break up just to make up. Shakes head again, groans & rolls eyes.