Photos of Teresa Giudice Spending Christmas With Her Family


This Christmas was a special one for the Giudice family as the matriarch Teresa returned home after serving almost a year in prison. While fans can only imagine how the Real Housewives of New Jersey star spent the holiday with her four daughters and husband Joe, Radar Online has exclusive details how she spent her Christmas at home.

The site reported that on her first night home, all four daughters cuddled up in bed with Teresa and there were tears and laughter.

“There was no doubt the kids would be sleeping with Joe and Teresa in their bedroom. There were so many tears and it was extremely emotional during her homecoming.”

The source continued, “Gia did go back into her room in the middle of the night. But Teresa was beyond happy to be back in her bed again and she didn’t get any sleep at all. The adrenaline from the release just has her going into overdrive. She is hoping to get some sleep after all of the excitement of Christmas for the girls winds down.”

Not only did we get scoop on her first night home, but People also shared exclusive photos of the family reunited for Christmas, take a look below!








Photo Credit: People


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  1. Oh, she looks beautiful. The girls are lovely little dolls and her oldest daughter has been so grown up during this time. Even Joe put on a jacket!
    I bet it felt good to have some make-up on and to bathe in her own bathroom. I am so hoping along with paying back all of the money on her own, that she speaks to what all of the public wants to hear. She doesn’t owe me anything, but many citizens want an apology for her crimes, and I hope she does show the remorse I am quite sure she feels.

    1. The whole family looks beautiful! I swear Teresa has the body potential to be one of those hot body builder ladies. I’m glad they got their family holiday. I wish them only progress and positivity.

  2. Ha Ha the photo of them going out the front door was hysterical. They had to turn around and go back in. House arrest!!! In the photo of Teresa looking at herself in the mirror I can see the ankle bracelet on her left leg. She is hiding it under her pants.

  3. These photos are so touching, one thing about Teresa she is a good mum, she will paying for many years. She always has been a really hard worker, even before going in to jail she had repaid some of the money and I am sure she will continue to do so. Jo I’m not so sure about but she will never leave him!

  4. I just can’t handle the constant pic’s for me I already had enough with these people. I will say no more, I will be a lady and refrain..there’s always a first time for everything★★

  5. Selling these photos is so desperate. She should have wanted to spend time with her family not do a photoshoot with them.
    She had better be amazing tv on the upcoming tv, she was crap the last few seasons, if she’s not back to the early seasons they need to fire her.

    1. Desperate is right sidewinder!! I have respect for all comments but enough with the Teresa worship! She’s a felon . Will all these warm living comments extend to Apollo?? ! And don’t start with ‘the children’ , this is not about them . There, I said my piece

      1. Yeah all this good mother stuff is totally insane from fans. She has raised quite bratty children, we’ve seen that from the show. And she prioritized doing crime over family. Horrible she had to be away for her kids for 10 months, but that was a choice she made by choosing to commit multiple crimes.
        I think she was good TV, but this white washing her criminal past is insane.

  6. Here is what bugs me. You’ve been in jail for almost a year. You get home and have to have a make-up artist come over and put your make up on? And put your hair extensions back in? Wouldn’t you spend like a month just being with your kids? Or your husband? Just talking and cooking (which she claims she loves to do) and BEING WITH THEM instead of having to spend hours prepping for a photo shoot so you can sell yourself? I’m not on this St. Teresa band wagon. I haven’t liked her since I saw her freak out and flip that table. She’s got anger issues and he is disgusting. I just feel bad for those kids that had no choice of parents.

      1. You’re not alone at all! I stopped liking her when she allowed Milania to pull all the tights off the shelf at the store, throw them on the ground and she didn’t even bother to pick them up. That’s completely disrespectful and poor parenting. The table flip was just reassurance that she’s a despicable person.

    1. Agree. Priorities do not seem to matter here. Then the comments “this is her job” or “it’s how she supports her children”. I call BS because all we heard before her release was, “I can’t wait to see my family, no cameras just spend time with them” yeah see how reliable her words are. Tressa somehow is not held to any accountability, however a text from BG, which may or may not be real garners so much hate. Yet tressas kids are ill behaved brats and no one says anything. Well unless you comment on the kids and that is not allowed, however I feel if you sellyour kids to tue highest bidding magazine then the actions and behavior of said kids is fair game.

  7. In the continuing saga of the Felons of NJ, must be another private moment sold to the highest bidder. Still the same old fame whore to do anything for $$$$.

  8. They all look beautiful. Tre looks different but nice. Cant explain how but she does. Its nice they have this time together before Joe goes away for 3 years. Its horrible to think of but they did the crimes and will pay the price. Its still sad. I hope this terrible punishment will make them better people. God bless them.

  9. Does Joe own anything with sleeves? He looks so out of place in this very nice holiday photo. I would like to photoshop him out of it or put a jacket on him. I guess next year’s photo will look better sans Joe.
    They are one lucky family to be able to have so so much when others were denied what was owed them. Still, I wish all of the girls well, no matter what parental role models they may have. They are growing up so fast in front of so many. It cannot be easy for them, either.

      1. You nailed it, sidewinder !!! And that’s what bothered me about Phaedra too!! At least TRY and FAKE a little humility for goodness sake

        1. Cuz they don’t have any. They basically blame her brother and sister in law, Joe did during the special.
          They don’t understand what they did was wrong and they don’t take accountability for anything.

  10. Oh yeah Teresa has been really humbled, gets home from jail, make-up artist, playing dress up with her stolen clothes in a giant closet which isn’t paid for, I just don’t understand some of the worship people have for her! Instead of photo shoots and dressing those girls up in clothing that probably cost more than my mortgage payment, how about the family donating clothes to the taxpayers that paid for them!! HUMBLE somebody please show Teresa what that could go a long way.

    1. It is just about how things look…beautiful and expensive clothes and shoes, big house, fancy cars. It doesn’t matter that they can’t afford any of it, as long as she looks like she is more successful and better than everyone else. I don’t think Joe cares about any of this stuff…but she never lets up…everything has to be bigger and better…. I actually thought everyone was happier and the kids behaved better when she wasn’t there. I laughed when she called in upstate NY and the kids were all annoyed…like its Mom again.

  11. They all look so happy to be a family once more. Teresa sure looks like she’s lost weight, but looks lovely. Glad for the children.

  12. I agree with the posts!! PLEASE Teresa couldn’t you have waited to at least spend ONE WEEK WITH YOUR DAUGHTERS. GOD FORGIVE YOU!! You know why your daughters have such bad manners and don’t listen nor respect you and Joe!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THEM…YOU ONLY WANT TO TAKE THEM SHOPPING!!!!

  13. Well, a nice hot bath and some make up might just be what I would want too. I guess she should sell her clothes to pay off the debt, oh, wait, it is almost paid. Now the IRS has leveled another one, but that is supposed to be paid by Summer. If I was her I would buy a Bentley, I just wouldn’t put a big red bow on it.

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