Photos: The Real Housewives Celebrate Halloween 2014

All of your favorite Real Housewives celebrated Halloween over the weekend and they shared photos of their costumes and family traditions on social media. Check out the photo gallery below and let us know who your favorite is!

Which kid/Housewife had your favorite costume?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook


8 Replies to “Photos: The Real Housewives Celebrate Halloween 2014”

  1. Okay, Gia Giudice should not be dressing as a “sexy” fireman at age 13! I get that when she performs, it can be a “costume”, but really, for Halloween! Great parental guidance there! Not really surprised. At least Melissa’s kids look age appropriate.

    1. I agree, Joe and Tre are asking for a world of hurt letting her grow up so fast. She already has a ton of pressure on her shoulders as it is. Hopefully someone other than Joe and Teresa is also looking out for her.

      1. I have a feeling that Gia will have a lot of responsibility on her shoulders for her younger sisters. I think Joe has no idea how to handle those little ones. He let’s Melania get away with murder, thinks everything she does is funny and cute. I feel very sorry for Gia. I was the oldest of 5 when my mom died and my dad drank so I know how it goes.

        1. Yeah, if we think Gia is growing up to fast- wait until Milania hits 13a Holy Moly! The thing is, she already self identifies as the “bad one” and the out of control one- which, if the show is any indication, is a harbinger of worse things to come. I mean she was allowed to call a crew member a a**hole when she was what 7? 8? Without any reprimand or repercussion. They think it’s cute and funny that she terrorizes others, but what they fsil to understand is that they are residing a horrible person that will be rejected by her peers- and she won’t know why. Joe and Teresa are failing Milania and setting her up for so much hurt, rejection and pain, it’s sad.

    2. I don’t think the outfit is overly sexy…too much make-up and imitating her 16 year old friend.
      We were all young, once.

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