Photos Of Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher At Pre-Oscar Party!

Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher

After months of keeping her relationship with John Bluher a secret, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armtrong stepped out with her boyfriend, as they attended a pre-oscar party together Friday night. The couple cozied up to one another with their arms around each other, holding hands, and smiling from ear to ear. Taylor’s relationship with John has been controversial, as he is still married. John was Taylor’s lawyer before the two started dating.

John said in December that Taylor wasn’t the cause of his pending divorce from his wife.  “Taylor Armstrong is not a home wrecker,” he said in a statement.  But he also confirmed that now they are involved “in a romantic relationship” and said “we are both very happy.”

Check out the photos of Taylor & John below. Click on an image to enlarge.

Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher  Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher  Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher  Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher

Photo Credit: Splash News


3 Replies to “Photos Of Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher At Pre-Oscar Party!”

  1. I’m only curious to know when he separated from his wife. Before or after he started representing her, and if so for how long?

  2. When will she be off the show and when will you stop posting pictures of her. I don’t care what John say’s about their relationship. What’s he gonna say ” yea, she’s the reason my marriage ended”. She’s just another “other” woman. John, she is just looking for a rich guy to support her! Run John, Run!!!!

  3. I’m surprised Brandi can even be civil to her on camera, knowing how she feels about women who date married men. As for Taylor…she is shameful, no matter what John says publicly…the man in still married.

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