Photos Of Taylor Armstrong Before Plastic Surgery!

Taylor Armstrong

Many people wonder what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Taylor Armstrong looked like before she had any plastic surgery and before her infamous lip implant. We’ve found some photos of Taylor as a child and teenager, and we wanted to share them with you. Dr. Paul Nassif has been seen giving Taylor botox, fillers, and more on RHOBH. Paul describes Taylor’s work from the very first episode in 2010 as, “On the Housewives premiere Thursday, October 14th, Taylor received Radiesse injections to help improve the appearance of hollow temples. The bumps on Taylor’s face the camera captured were actually anesthetic. Due to editing and time constraints, the full procedure did not appear on the show.”

“Immediately following the injections of anesthetic, Radiesse was injected into little balls, and carefully massaged into Taylor’s temple. Radiesse is an excellent filler for face volumizing, and her result was fantastic! Prior to her Radiesse treatment, Taylor had filler injected into her lips by a different surgeon,” Paul explains.

Another doctor, Miami plastic surgeron  Dr. Michael Salzhauer, gives his opinion and says, “It looks like Taylor Armstrong maintains her beautiful looks with a little help from Botox to her forehead and around her eyes and dermal fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to give her those plump lips and full cheeks.”

Check out the photos of Taylor below and see what you think plastic surgery Taylor has had done.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Bravo



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  • Tricia

    I know what she hasn’t had but needs asap….a LOBOTOMY.

  • rudie

    She has a clownish appearance now. She was pretty before she had surgery. Those lips are hideous.

  • Auntie LaLa

    This is sad, she was a really lovely little girl and gorgeous, happy, wholesome teen. I don’t think she looks horrid now with the exception of the lip implants. If she did not get those, she’s still attractive. Her peak years of great beauty were her teen years, in my view.

  • dawni

    I can’t abide Taylor she’s so fake. Her antics are very divisive . She’s a hanger on and has no real allegiance with any of the housewives . She is shallow and empty . The plastic surgery …well … sighs ..spend your wealth on Ur child , not your lips ect

  • Staphen

    What -another horrid mess by some ‘so called surgeon’! She was pretty once-when she was a young woman in the poor area of Tennessee, living with her family. She NEEDED attention….well, she has it now, eh? But does not seem to be the good kind. Look at those Donald Duck Lips and mouth!
    What a waste. Should have had something to make her smarter injected into her brain….
    No wonder hubby wants a divorce!
    Girls-be yourself!

  • Jack beets

    What is wrong with these ladies’ lips?