Photos Of Meghan And Jim Edmonds’ Wedding


Meghan King Edmonds is the newest addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She is married to MLB star Jim Edmonds, who notoriously played center field for the St. Louis Cardinals.

The couple married in St. Louis on October 24, 2014, and Meghan became a step-mother to Jim’s four children; Lauren, Hayley, Landon and Sutton. When season 10 of RHOC began filming, the couple had just been married for several months and we have a look at their wedding album below!

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “Photos Of Meghan And Jim Edmonds’ Wedding”

  1. I think we all know where this marriage is headed. If the scenes with him talking down to her, losing his wedding band and not bothering to look for it, and his obnoxious daughter rolling her eyes and enjoying the way her father is treating his new wife are any indication.

    1. I agree. She describes his behavior as “cute,” in her blog. Honey, there ain’t nothin’ “CUTE,” about it. He’s rude, obnoxious and dismissive. And it looks to me, as though the reason she moved to OC, was to be on the show to begin with. I’ve read that the 1st wife (the one w/cancer) has been in remission for years.

      1. Megan has stated in an interview that Jim’s first wife is actually out of pere mission now, and dying. That is why the daughter wanted to come to California- to spend as much time with her mom as she could before she died. So JIm bought a house out here and Meghan moved out here to supervise that daughter.

  2. Stunning, stylish and refined. Meghan, you’re gorgeous! Write off the hateful comments and the commenters as bitter and closed. Keep doin you, you’re FAB!

  3. I dont think anyone is bitter it is that everyone can see her for what she is … a wanna be that is so insecure about her marriage and self she places it on others. Such as thinking Shannon was ‘jealous’ of her for ‘flirting’ with her husband … hmmm she didn’t think that and explained and you could tell it was exactly Shannons reaction, so obviously she was flirting with David trying to stir the pot, trying to get a reaction. she has zero class. I say by next season she is divorced and her husband is married to wifey #4. I am already ready for her to be gone

  4. The way he talks to her reminds me of how Jeanna Keough’s oldest son spoke to her at the ballgame. I thought that was petulant and childish, but this guy takes the cake.

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