Faye Resnick & Kathy Hilton



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  • Go away Fake Faye.. I turned off the Housewives when I saw you on it.. Brovo should really be careful choosing who the put on there programs… She has brought the show down in my opinion.. My girlfriends thank the same…

  • Taylor

    Be quiet! FAYE ROCKS!

  • Faye Resnick is the devil. She gets involved in fights with these women over things that have nothing to do with her. Her book on the OJ trial stinks of opportunism, as did her playboy spread.

    She’s one of the least appealing elements of RH of BH, right after Adrianne Aloof.

  • Priscila

    I represent a group of middle age women who have found enjoyment in watching Bravo’s RHOBH. Unanimously, we all believe that the inclusion of Faye Resnick created a very NEGATIVE IMPACT to the program. She is very tactless, uncouth and definitely an attention-seeking, shallow and social-climbing individual. Everyone can see through her self-serving intentions; she has no substance at all. We are all hoping that BRAVO remove her completely from the show.

    • Anonymous

      Faye is a mean women. Getting involved with other peoples problems that do not apply to her. She has even changed the color of her face, she looked black and now white. What the heck. Money can buy you anything. Fake people she had to pay for her looks cause she had nothing else going for herself that’s for sure. FAKE FAYE. Lol. Didn’t like her on the show either glad she if off for now.

  • Ann

    I hope that those who do the casting for RHOBH will not cast Faye Resnick. She appears to want to be always at the
    center of things, ergo her encounter with Brandi and Yolanda. If you want to cast someone new I suggest Mrs. Zanuck.
    Please make her go away.
    I for one of many will not be watching.

  • Penny

    Faye jumped at the chance to make money and gain fame from Nicole’s grisly murder. In the book Filthy Faye speaks of Nicole in ways that would trouble Nicole’s children. Faye is complete utter trash. She truly makes my skin crawl. Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick needs to slither away. No atonement for stinking shits like her. Ever.