Faye Resnick

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Who cares is Faye is White or Black?
I think she’s a great interior designer and the kind of friend you want to have on your side.

What you smoking hun lol – she is nasty a prostitute and you call her a great designer. Yeah she is a great interior designer if you are tacky like Paris Hilton.

Faye is a nobody and will always be a nobody.
She is ugly from the inside out.
Her voice is nasty.
She is a greasy low life gutter slut.

You’re being too kind. Even she is not good enough for the gutter. The gutters are too good for the likes of her.

I like her looks .I thought the playboy shots were very hot .incredible ass on her.god I would live that ..groomed very nice pussy also ..in fact groomed to perfection every woman who wants to be hot should groom like fay .smoking…..nice rack and pretty face…. nice hair ..I love her