17 comments on “Nicole Brown Simpon & Faye Resnick

  1. Obvious from this photo that she is African American and has lightened her skin over the years and wears colored contact lenses.

  2. Faye is a nobody and will always be a nobody.
    She is ugly from the inside out.
    Her voice is nasty.
    She is a greasy low life gutter slut.

  3. Going to have to re-evaluate watching this series if SHE’S on it. Can’t stand the woman. She’s nasty, nasty and more nasty! She’s been there, done that with Nicole and O.J. She needs to do something IMPORTANT in her life rather than attach herself like a virus to other people. Yuch! Nasty!

  4. Very we put, she did indeed latch herself to the housewives and similiar to the way she did Nicole. She’s an opportunist at any cost. Her “appearance” proves that. News flash Faye! Us African americans don’t want you either. That makes you, ” a woman without a country.” What a way to live.

  5. Everything posted is totally right on! Sure Faye’s a trashy, stupid, condescending leech. Yes, she’s pathetic, hateful, and rude. But worse: she’s just not interesting. I couldn’t even remember her name. I googled RHOBH kyle’s ugly friend and I got “Faye.” Unlike Brandi or Yolanda, I don’t want to know ANYTHING about her. She’s a combination of annoying and boring. Like a hospital waiting room with a screaming baby and an old lady farting in the chair next to you. And I think it’s really horrible that she’s ashamed of her race. I totally agree with ebonyskydiver. Why would she want to change her race? is she racist? I wonder if she’s from a bad family- why else would she be so obviously insecure and loathe her own skin? Bravo, make it go away. Blech.

  6. Fay rancid resnik! Ugh!! As others have said, if it is on this show, I will not watch anymore either. That trashy leech is so irritating, not to mention irrelevant in every way.

  7. She is a gold digger and hit every branch falling out of the ugly tree! She is so full of herself and it is nauseating! Her so-called notoriety is associated with the most heinous crime in history….. when Faye Resnik walks into a room, the slaughter of Nicole Brown is what comes to peoples minds! Any connotation to such an issue is sad, however, Resnik ‘s association has been accentuated and capitalized on, by her own self promotions thru out the years! She seems to be a nasty and hateful evil entity!

  8. I thought she was Jewish, she’s black? Whatever she is she is certainly getting quite scary looking. She should cool it on the plastic surgery!

  9. Uuhhggg!! If I have to see her fugly face or hear her horrific voice anymore I’m DONE watching RHOBH!! Faye (remove her) Resnick is just awful!! Funny that she’s the best friend of the biggest b**** on the show. Yes that’s Kyle!! I’m getting sooo tired of her and her voice also!! However, her nasty a** won’t keep me from watching the show but Faye, (go AWAY), WILL!!

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