Photos Of Faye Resnick Throughout The Years, Before Plastic Surgery, What Is Her Ethnicity?


Faye Resnick, friend of Kyle Richards, has taken Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers by storm. First, she put Camille Grammer’s medium, Allison DuBois, in her place in Season 1, and more recently, Faye played a controversial role in an episode in Season 3. Faye infuriated a lot of viewers by confronting Brandi Glanville about her comments towards Adrienne Maloof.

Bravo has added Faye to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast page on their website, and they also removed a controversial blog Faye wrote about confronting Brandi. After all this attention surrounding Faye, viewers have taken an interest to her past. What is she famous for? What did she look like before plastic surgery? What is her ethnicity? We’ve researched and are sharing with you what we have found.

First, Faye is mostly known for her involvement in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. She was very good friends with Nicole Brown Simpson. Faye wrote a book about Nicole’s murder, and posed for Playboy in March of 1997 after the trial. Resnick now owns her own interior design business, “Faye Resnick Design.”

Next, there have been a lot of questions about Faye’s ethnicity and what she looked like before plastic surgery. Is she black, is she white? We’ve researched everything we can about Faye and all we have found are some old pictures of her throughout the years. Browse through the gallery below to see Faye’s looks change over the years and tell us what you think!

Tell Us- What do you think Faye’s ethnicity is? What work do you think she’s had done?


135 Replies to “Photos Of Faye Resnick Throughout The Years, Before Plastic Surgery, What Is Her Ethnicity?”

  1. Don’t care enough about her to even wonder about it. Bravo, be smart aNd don’t bring her back or you will lose viewers. She has proven that she is not a friend.

    1. Faye Resnick is nothing but a fame seeker. She’s absolutely nothing but a fake rumor spreading bitch. Can’t stand that THING!

      1. I completely agree! Faye Resnick makes a living following and brown nosing every rumor pusher and trying to make herself known. She’s known alright, by being so fake and materialistic!

  2. Let’s see….. She looks nasty. I’d say she’s Puerto Rican maybe Mexican, yeah Mexican. She was definatly white-washed along the way some how. Maybe she used some skin whitener of some kind. Those plastic surgeons perform miracles everyday, but Faye really got botched, from bad to worse. She looks like her face was slammed in a door at some point and they had a hard time getting her nose out. She was so scared to death over the OJ debacle that her eyes are still bugged out. Hmmmm, what else. Shattered, yes that’s a good word, good description of Faye now. I just can’t figure out what she looks like. She is just not pretty, pretty scary really. I’m not sure what Hugh Hefner saw in her. No, nevermind he must have saw everything along with the others for free and then some. No wonder she got the cover. Remember her ego. She thinks she is a sex symbol now destined to be famous. She believes people want her. Fame, at the expense of poor Nicole. There is a pattern here. Money for appearances, the camera on Faye. The little nobody who thought she was somebody and thought we needed to be convinced of what she had to say, not! At the expense of poor Nicole. Shame on Faye. Then a book because she still thought we didnt hear her. More money spilling other peoples secrets. Her friends secrets. Again at the expense of others. Shame on Faye. Yes, she’s still hanging onto other people’s coat-tails. Fame whore is what comes to mind. Oh yes she’s famous now because she knows a Hilton. Her face just always looks like she’s thinking of something to say but is too ignorant that it just won’t come out of her mouth. I just cannot like anything about this female. It’s common sense she is who she is today due to exploiting others at their expense. She is just not a good person. I see evil when I look at her, always. She has such a conniving look on her face. Yes, she is Faye Resnick. We are supposed to see her as a celebrity, someone with fame, famous. But ask yourself, how did Faye become aligned with fame? At the expense of her friends. What a pal! No one needs a friend like Faye. Her image and her face is just too shattered. Go away, Faye!

    1. Tell us how you realy You just said everything I feel about this,(and I use this term loosely), woman. You hit the nail on the head!!!!!

    2. You only know about her by what the media has said about her, all those things happened over 20 yrs. ago, Why are you so harsh with your judgement as if you know her personally. She has shown nothing but loyalty to her true friends in the show!!

      1. I met fay resnick 20 years ago she helped me out as a struggling artist and I got to say she was probably the kindest sweetest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life

    3. Too bad you have to reveal yourself as a twat by saying she must be Mexican. She is clearly white trash, just like you are.

    4. I actually think she is stunningly beautiful. I truly do not buy that she wrote these books solely to help women escape domestically violent relationships, but I do feel she had a story to tell about Nicole’s experience. I quite admire her ability to hold her composure under great pressure.

    5. with all due respect not all puerto ricans are black the real pr are white decandants of spain who brought the slaves if you go to pr you will see many more whtes some people have never mixed do your homework before you judge

    6. I heard that Faye’s book depicted her and Nicole as sluts. I’m surprised that Kris Jenner is still friends with her. After all, she could write another book.

  3. Faye Resnick is a coke head, whore who is total dummy to begin with. How the hell she ends up on RHOBH is beyond me. Her opinion is totally and completely worthless. She’s about as important as the latest haircut.

  4. I met Faye years ago when I worked on a legal TV talk show. She was on to talk about the OJ Simpson Trial, as the self-described best friend of Nicole Brown Simpson. She looked bi-racial in person. I was surprised how fair she looked on RHBH.

  5. Everyone pretty much nailed it! She’s a user and abuser of everything from friends to drugs. She really is extremely UNATTRACTIVE ! Ugly I would say. You always know when one one starts bleaching their skin that they are not happy with themselves. She is a want to be but just can’t make it over the fence to be anything of any substance. Sad really! But I will say, I think Bravo has made a huge mistake bringing her into the group. What mortified me is her authoritative scolding of Brandi the other night! Are you kidding me? Faye Resnick telling Brandi how to behave? This totally fake, unintelligent , sleezey, nasty, holier than thou woman? Even though Brandy is her own person and may have a foul mouth, She still is head and shoulders above Faye Resnick! She’s beautiful and is truly a caring and good person. Here Faye is acting like Adrienne Maloof is her best Bud! ( she may be , …. Adrienne needs all the friends she can get to defend her because not many people think too much of her either) WHAT I can’t believe is Kyle being involved with such Trash! Ugh! What is even more ridiculous is Faye has an interior design business ! IT SHOULD BE INTERIOR DECORATOR BUSINESS BECAUSE I KNOW SHE COULDN’T HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED AS A DESIGNER! FROM THE LOOKS OF HER WORK SHE MUST DO REALLY WELL ( in the Trailor park subdivisions) NO STYLE OR COHESIVE IDEAS. PURE GHETTO ! Tacky. ! I could go on and on But this viewer of RHOBH will flip the channel if I see Resnick show her ugly face around these fairly classy ladies! I just can’t believe anyone would watch her. She changes the entire feel of the show ~ and not in a positive way!

    1. BAILEE
      So you say your name is bailee
      ..your writing is suspiciously close to the writing of Lisa on this thread. Not ony this,you write as though you know Ms. Resnick…jealous people are never happy people.

      1. This article is over 3 years old, and I see that you are commenting about someone else’s name/handle, yet you choose to remain anonymous. Yet an anonymous poster on this thread called Faye’s father her own uncle, making Faye a cousin..also more than a year after the original posting of the article…not sure if that was also you, but why bring this all up years later? Does it matter if she is Mexican, Causcasian or whatever? Feeding others’ prejudices and comments you don’t like by giving them relevance is doing no good for Faye or anyone.
        Faye is who Faye is, and she has to live with what she did and what she wrote about. If she has a conscience, she should realize she has hurt others in when and how she did things after Nicole was murdered, especially. The past cannot be erased, yet if Faye wants, she can try to be a better person in the future. You cannot change who she was then or who she is now as a result of her past, however, if you want to give any credence to your posts, use a name…and stick with it.

  6. I dont have any bad things to say about Fayes looks but I do think she was outaa line at the dinner at Kyles house. She should not have attached Brandi on something that was not her place to do this. Maybe she was trying to be relevent and get a role on RHOBH

  7. I have read that Faye is multi racial and is partly hispanic and black. Not sure if this is correct or not but her early pictures seem to be that of a part hispanic woman. When she wrote her book about Nicole Simpson she referred to her background and she did not state that she was caucasion.

  8. Thank you for the two links. Now I admire her even more! She is strong and will not be bullied. She is a role model not a villian. I don’t get the NEGATIVE responses to her and all the protection of the true villian (and may I add, the real slut) Brandi? In additional, I do not care what race she is. She is now a beautiful, classy, and successful woman. Kykle did indeed use her to say what she was afraid to say. Glad Faye rose to the ocassion, again proving my point that is strong and will not be bullied. Good job Faye!

  9. All part of Kyles scheme for ratings

    She throws her sister on the bus. There is no one this has been would not step over. Hasbeen housewives. Get rid of Faye. Her face is nauseating

  10. Faye Resnick must have written the only positive COMMENT to this article. She is the only one who finds anything positive to say. She is a consummate liar, a social climber, a coke head, and vile human being. The fact that Kyle finds her so wonderful just shows what true character she has.

    My mother always said, “birds of a feather flock together…”

    Anyone who finds ANYTHING remotely positive about Faye Resnick does not remember her character being called into question during the OJ Simpson trial.
    She is a tramp.

    God help Bravo if they continue to put that ugly face of hers on their show or website. Bravo will lose ANY credibility they have. It’s bad enough to continue to have Taylor Armstrong crammed down our throats!!!

  11. pleaseee,bravo-do NOT put this loser on the show! we already have taylor the sneaky troublemaker,kim the crazy lush and kyle the mean girl.put someone normal on, like kyle’s other girlfriend,the blonde.i stayed watching the show because of lisa,camille and now brandi. with faye on the show i just might lose interest in it altogether.

  12. I completely disagree with most of the comments here…if these readers think that Faye Resnick is not good-looking, lord help the rest of us! While she perhaps took her opinion of Brandi’s character a little farther than she should have, she was articulate and entertaining. And I see her a beautiful and classy..not ugly or unattractive. Faye has a twist of exotic beauty that sets her tawny look apart nicely, and she dressses very well. It is not unusual for women of color to lighten as they age; remember that she is 55. Her grooming is impeccable, and it follows through to her interior design: Faye’s rooms are glamorous, elegant, dramatic, and always have an unexpected element to them that provides a slight edge nicely. Check her website to see her work. And no, I am not Faye…

  13. Faye is mixed with black, and like most quadroons or half-breeds, they do everything in their power to wash away that little bit of black that they feel doesn’t make them whole. Unfortunately the one drop rule does apply and the DNA doesn’t lie either. Faye is a mixed up lady who loves fame, coke, men, money and name dropping and not in that order, she’ll use you up like a roll of paper towel and still be looking for another sheet to wipe up the mess she made. Adding her to the roster of the RHW is not a surprise, she blends right on in with this line up of dysfuntion and misery. Another slap in the face of women, and another reason why women will never get ahead and won’t find a husband, these are the broads that men think control the minds and methods of the single women out there, and unfortunately they do. Women worship the ignorance NENE spews like she is some thought leader or a noteworthy speaker, AMERICA, she is a ghetto broad who was a stripper who is the new Steppin Fetchit for the New Normal and Glee. When people finally realize that the joke is really on them, they’ll understand. The only person getting rich off of this is Andy Cohen, and I am not mad at him.

      1. i like faye. i knew her years ago. i suppose shemight have been doing coke. i dont care. she looked and acted terrific and helped me out, a strange artist when i needed it. always had a smile. was very warm. i wish i could have been her friend. so classy, really.

        1. Not supposedly doing coke, she WAS a cokehead. She admits in her book, she went to rehab 3 times for her addiction problem. She did cocaine with valium. Nicole, Kris Jenner, Bruce and others had a intervention a couple of days before Nichole was killed. She went to “Exodus” treatment center, and was in rehab when she learned the news of Nicole’s death. Just read her book…

          1. Well, good for Faye that she went to rehab. we ALL DID COKE. it was “in” and the cool, rich folks partied that way. Then we all stopped, or got help, since it was such a bad thing to do. Again, what the hell difference does it make about her ethnic background? She was wonderful to me, was not very obviously on coke that I SAW WHEN I MET HER. She was wonderful and giving. did you meet her? or are you just a bigot by nature?

          2. I read her book, but it was a long time ago. what I learned was that Nicole, OJ, and people like me and everyone I knew in bev hills and Hollywood hills did coke almost every weekend. No surprise there. I did it with Harvey Keitel. Some people got carried away with it. Faye did. As you can see her on TV, she’s quite healthy now, as we all are that finally stopped doing it in the late 80s. get off her back already! You think none of her friends did coke too? Chris, Nicole? OJ? are you stupid and a bigot?

    1. I feel the other way, If you have one drop white then you are white, not good enough to be black, who wants to go around with pale skin smelling like a chicken all their lives?

    2. You are so right on all levels. She is trying so very hard remove that one drop and take it from a Louisianaian, one drop applies and will always no matter how much white people try and say they are not black. Actually everyone should look up early years of Faye and they will see the dark skin, the nappy afro and her blackness . And so true about Andy, Cohen making money and from a lot of black women acting ignIrant in some cases are ignorant. She is a pole dancer who splits verbs on national television.

      I am with you girl, Faye is black and Nene is an uneducated stripper .

    3. I didn’t know there was a bad anonymous on this me nice anonymous…
      This thread is filled with awful name calling and race hatred…are these people voting for the Donald?
      Do you think you or any of these haters should cast the first stone??

      1. Yeah the person is a real hater, like Donald Trump Ha ha ha very good now in order to hate someone you really should know them personally I don’t know why anyone thinks favor whitewashed her skin that’s insane she’s just not getting tanned every day but the thing is how can you be so mean to someone unless it’s an inside her because she’s very attractive and I know she’s very nice and a very good friend, so someone who just watches the show and has racist I mean it’s probably an inside job someone who does know her and is faking it to get other people hate her, but I hope that you hate somebody so easily ?this person is really weird .I wonder if they would hate me just because I’m Jewish

  14. I don’t understand the personal attacks on Faye’s looks. It’s irrelevant. It seems to be the first place people want to attack when they don’t care for someone. It’s stupid, and she is far from ugly! Having said that, I don’t particulary care for her behavior and attitude toward Brandi. It was/is NON of her business what is going on with Brandi and Adrienne and Kyle’s dinner party was most certainly NOT the p.ace to be confrontational. I honestly think that she is trying to be relevant (and, “yes”,I remember Faye from the OJ Simpson trial, I bought her book..and zip believe that she of all people should not be judging others). Particularly Faye’s picking on Brandi did NOT sit well with me. I think Brandi’s amazing!! Faye needs to go away? PLEASE.

    1. brandi is getting people to fight and maintaining friendships with all of them. she is very scheming, phoney and will do and say stuff to get people to like her. true phoney! and will do anything for publicity. white trash, basically.

  15. Faye Resnick is black, as is Mariah Carey, Jennifer Beals, Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Berkley and they don’t seem to want to acknowledge it as do Halle Berry, Jasmine Guy and Alicia Keys all have my vote..they realize that one drop, half theorgy does not just apply to people in Louisiana but apply in general…mix black with whatever and you are black….

    1. That’s retarded … you mix black with anything and you get something else, period! Clearly alchemy is not your strong suit … also Mariah Carey readily admits, and embraces the fact that she is half black … For you to perpetuate the “one drop rule” makes you as ignorant, and evil as those who created it! … I am mixed, and that doesn’t make me black, it actually makes me a very lovely, exotic, creamy caramel Queen … thank you

      1. faye resnick was one of the nicest, sweetest and most generous women I met who helped a young artist who didn’t have any money. she got her work inside a chiropractors office and framed in Lucite FREE. I thank her in my dreams since she was way too popular and had a very busy life to add yet another girlfriend at the time (in the 80s) and not that it matters, but she looked like a gorgeous tanned skin jewish/French woman. I couldn’t place her ethnicity~! but not at all African American.

  16. Well….
    This is interesting.. You all seem to be judging quite a bit yourselves! Sounds like you all should be Shutting the F Up too…. Please lets not forget that this is TV.. And lets also not forget that Brandi started the drama publicly about Adrienne and her family, which was completely uncalled for. Im sure you have all had some skeletons in your closet. Faye Resnick’s ethnicity is Sicilian and Caucasian. As far as plastic surgeries go… Does it really matter?? Everyone on the show is plastic’d out.. Faye Resnick lips, nose, face and body are all natural actually.. Shocking right.. Lucky her.. You are all judging/bullying but Lisa, Taylor, Brandi, Kyle, Adrienne and more to come have written books immediately after being on the show sillys.. Faye did nothing different.. People wanted to know and she wrote her happy memories about her and her best friend.. The playboy deal, she didnt even want to do but was told by many friends at the time to do it, do it.. Drugs… Ya, she DID them, but has been clean since before the murder.. She was actually in rehab the time of the murder trying to better herself.. Give the woman a break.. She’s actually a true, great friend to everyone that is close to her. Actually doesnt have a mean bone in her body. She has always been a mend maker.. She was just trying to help Brandi people… Before everything went sour.. Maybe if Brandi would have listened to Faye she wouldn’t be getting sued..

    1. Just read her book, and I disagree about sharing her “happy” memories about her friendship with Nicole. It was more like telling the public that Nicole was acting like a whore, and Faye wanted everyone to know that:

      Nicole had a sexual affair with Marcus Allen while he was MARRIED! He was one of OJ’s best friends.
      Nicole went a party, and snuck into one of the bedrooms and gave this guy a blowjob while he was sleeping. He had no idea who she was. After she was finished, all he said was “thanks”. I wonder why Faye would share this information. What’s the point of making her look like a whore?
      She slept with many men, and Ron Goldman was on her list of men to “do”, as Faye puts it.
      Nicole begged O.J. to take her back, and it drove her crazy when he wouldn’t return her phone calls, or the fact that he had moved on with Paula Barbari.
      Nicole would invite people to her home, and tell her guests that “she was going to go fuck OJ now”, so time for them to leave. Faye said Nicole liked to shock people.
      Nicole and Faye had a sexual liaison. She said it happened only one time.

      So, with all that, I ask you, where are the happy memories? Faye just talks about going out partying, men, and sex. Very little was said about Nicoles children, or family gatherings, or just simple memories about a friend. I certainly would not write a book of my murdered friend, and expose her sex life. This is why they call her “morally corrupt”.

  17. its hard to believe she could have looked any worse without the plastic surgery i dont understand why cant theese women look at each other and see that they look like freaks and not get the same thing done to them i think moma elsa’s plastic surgeoy looks better than faye’s or adrienne’s i am 45 yrs old and am so proud to be growing old gracefully i dont think theres anything more beautiful than a person just being themselves

  18. I agree with all the negative comments about Faye Resnick. I disliked her the first time I saw her at Camille’s dinner party and she opened her mouth without being asked. She wasn’t trying to give Brandi advice. She obviously believed she was the all knowing judge of Brandi’s actions, even though she wasn’t involved at all. A pathetic attempt at self import! A stab at being noticed. She wants to be part of the RHBH show but if she is made a regular, I will not be! She is pathetic.

  19. I don’t personally know Faye Resnick and have not yet seen enough of her on the show to characterize her. Perhaps she is trying to show the producers that she knows how to bring the drama. After all, that’s what we like to see. And don’t say that’s not why you tune in. It’s the drama that sells. People don’t have to have nasty drama, but a little drama here and there keeps us interested. And Faye is not the first one with the drama. Truth be told, all of the other housewives have had some degree of intermittent drama here and there, except Yolanda. And that’s probably just a matter of time. So, I will hold up on my character assessment for the time being. Faye will eventually show us who she really is. For all we know, she may have a big heart with a little drama sprinkled in here and there. As far as FR’s physical looks, are we looking at the same person or are most of you just haters? While I wouldn’t say she is God’s gift to men, FR is certainly not physically unattractive. You guys who are calling her UGLY need to quit. It’s unfair to say that just because you may not like her on the show. As far as her ethnicity goes, the pics I saw of her tell me that she is black. If she is not fully black, she definitely has some black blood somewhere in the mix. But the earlier pics tell me that she is black…period. If she had some work done to try and conceal that fact, she failed! Anytime the features are questionable, the person is usually black or has some black in the family. And her features definitely make you do a doubletake and say…..hmmm! I’m even beginning to look at Marisa sideways after seeing her mom. :o)

  20. Faye has never done anything to any of U. People do change. Gee give the woman a break! Lord only knows what some of the housewives backgrounds are all about..It’s just U already know about Faye’s.
    Have any of U noticed who Brandy’s sidekick is? She is an ex- addict who works for Dr.Drew. Is it because she hasn’t said a word yet that U all haven’t attacked her? There is too much negativity in this world..People need to change and turn things around..That’s why this world is going to hell and back..Too much energy going in the wrong direction.

  21. To Lisa, What’s wrong with you. I don’t understand how people think that it’s okay to put up racist comments like the one you just put up. Im sure you wouldn’t say that to a mexican or puerto rican’s face. Im sure you wish you can look like one of us.

  22. you are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY if you think mama elsa’s surgery looks better than faye or adrienne(or anyone for that matter. Mama Elsa’s face looks like she has cement injected into it bc her face hangs. She cant event alk clearly!). I do think all these ladies are pulled to tight and too much botox.
    —sandra says: January 28, 2013 at 9:58 AM
    its hard to believe she could have looked any worse without the plastic surgery i dont understand why cant theese women look at each other and see that they look like freaks and not get the same thing done to them i think moma elsa’s plastic surgeoy looks better than faye’s or adrienne’s i am 45 yrs old and am so proud to be growing old gracefully i dont think theres anything more beautiful than a person just being themselves

  23. Faye is mean spirited! All the things she say about Brandi are actually true about HERSELF! It’s called “projecting”. Kyle uses Faye & Mauricio to make Brandi look bad ‘on-air’ , but off air Kyle is the one doing all the bashing & plotting. Anyway Faye is boring, phony & desperate. Pleaseee do not add her to the show

  24. All of you RACIST, WHITE HONKEY, B*TCHES should reeeallly give it up already! I am still trying to understand why race always matters you selfish, IGNORANT, sons of B’s???? She has done nothing different from the rest of the slut bags on the show, but because she has pigmentation you guys “HATE” her? It’s 2013 douche bags…f offfff!

  25. Wow the racism on this page is scary, people it 2013 what is wrong with you. First of all brandie is “honest” and everyone applauds her Yet Fay speaks her mind and its none of her business Is any thing brandie comments on HER business! At least Fay is able to string a few intelligent words together she doesnt respond to everything with “SHUT THE F_CK UP!

  26. I really don’t think people are judging her on her looks per say, but what she projects as a women which evil,ugly and vile and as many of the comments posted about her personal life have been proven to be true, even she admitted she was a coke slut. I don’t care what ethnicity she is/was but she sure is looking more like the Cheshire Cat along with the hoof time to stop with the knife.

  27. @ Lisa Bias-WOW,hate much?I couldn’t believe your incredibly rascist comments.You should be ASHAMED of yourself,I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone use the terms ‘half-breed’ and’ steppenfetchit’!people like you are what keeps hate and rascism alive,let it go,learn to love your fellow man,geesh!

  28. Faye (wanna be white women) is a bully and thinks she’s all that. BRAVO really needs to get rid of her. I won’t be watching RHBH anymore. They brought her on to bring ratings up…she’s fake and trash.

  29. Ugly back then and ugly now, not just her looks but her personality makes her ugly. She is mean! If you aren’t watching her on the RHOBH then you don’t know what we are referring to. She is a bullie and is looking for any way to get some TV time. Be gone with her! She also appears to be very aged…..

  30. Let me tell you a story…when I saw Faye on TV and in photographs in 1995 I though she was one of the most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN !!! I had ever seen …..and let me remind you I am gay..
    Then 6 years ago I had the Pleasure of meeting her and working with her, then getting to know her on a personal level. She is the kinds most talented, Intelligent, carrying, loyal,, friend anyone could ever hope to have in there life.and has looked out for me,taken care of me when I have been sick,right out of the hospital.there many, people who love her,
    1. She is Gorgeous in person as well as on camera..
    2. She has NEVER bleached her skin what ever that is?
    3. She is not 1/2 Black not that that matters .
    4. When you see the RHWOBH Show you are not getting the whole story.
    5. At Kyle’s Dinner Faye was sticking up for a friend , I think any would love a friend that would stand up for them.
    6. People that are viewing the show don’t know exactly what was said…
    It effects other people who can’t protect them self’s.
    7. It a Show not real life .. You don’t need to be so mean.
    Best Wishes Faye Resnick
    Gusband xoxo

  31. Faye “Redneck” is a disgusting, pathetic excuse for a human being. She exploits anything & everything including MURDER & NUDITY in attempts to try & make herself important. Go AWAY Faye! No one listens to you or values your Bi-polar opinion. Oh, wait..,you can always do another “SPREAD EAGLE” in Playboy to get some attention! Oh..wait ..,You’re TOO FAT, OLD, PATHETIC & HIDEOUS…never mind.

  32. Faye is a nobody and will always be a nobody.
    She is ugly from the inside out.
    Her voice is nasty.
    She is a greasy low life gutter slut.

  33. @FayeResnickGayHusband: Well, I am a straight woman who also knows Faye Resnick, and from a woman’s point of view, the perceived image of most women posting here, is spot on. She is wicked! She is the stereo-typical Beverly Hills social climber who is a superficial, self-promoting, and manipulative, “wanna-be.” Kyle should be careful…Faye would try to steal her husband, given the chance. NO ONE of substance, character, morals or value would ever consider her a true friend.

  34. Faye Resnick is the new crypt keeper. 4 rehabs and 3 failed marriages does not make her a “LADY”, What a POOR choice for BRAVO!!!!!! Did’nt she sleep with OJ SIMPSON?????????

  35. Didn’t I hear Faye say on last night’s episode that she is 48 yrs old??? Thought she is more like 55. She is honest?! yeah right.

  36. I’d really like this season to be the last we see of Faye Resnick. I’m not about to sit and list the reasons for this its just gratifying to see that so many feel the same way! Please Bravo… listen to us on this one… show her the door (as long as its not a revolving door!)

  37. I just think that considering where Faye’s come from and what she’s been’ she has a lot of nerve sitting in judgement of others. I feel this way because I’ve been the same place that she has which is why I can’t begin to understand her nasty attitude.

  38. Faye is not good for the show or shall not as a real cast member < don't let her be the cast member or I shall stop watching rhobh.

  39. I do not care for faye and would not like for her to be a real member or cast member .I will stop watching if she becomes a cast member.

  40. when I first saw Faye on the show I knew who she was…. and I thought WHY IS THIS GLORIFIED PROSTITUTE on RHOBH?? I still don’t understand why she is there?? I cannot stand to look at her let alone listen to her HOLIER THAN THOU banter! I hope she is not around next season or I may be skipping all the episodes she is in.
    She definitely looks black, and she definitely looks like she has done everything in her power to hide any traces of it from her “head shot”. Shame on her for being ashamed of who she really is and for passing judgement on certain persons on this show that she has pushed her way onto!

    1. “She definitely looks black, and she definitely looks like she has done everything in her power to hide any traces of it” PRECISELY

  41. I really don’t understand why Faye has to insert herself in conversations and matters that have absolutely nothing to do with her.

  42. I represent a group of middle-age women who have found enjoyment in watching Bravo’s RHOBH. Unanimously, we all believe that the inclusion of Faye Resnick created a very NEGATIVE IMPACT on the show. She is very tactless, uncouth and definitely an attention-seeking, shallow and social-climbing individual. Everyone can see through her self-serving intentions; she has no substance at all. We are all hoping that BRAVO would not film her or completely remove her from the show. Each time she comes up, all of us finds an excuse to leave the room or switch/turn the channel. We feel our stomach turning each time we take a glimpse of Faye. Such a turn off !

    1. You hit the nail on the head there , I like watching RHOBH , but when the likes of Faye R , are on there .. They spoil it for me , I turned the show off …all the petty , bitchiness , downgraded the show, it’s a complete turnoff , I love Lisa and Yolanda…

  43. Could not care less what she is just want Faye to get on her broom and FLY ! FLY! FLY!!!!!! and take her cornies with her….

  44. I assume that the reason there are so many remarks about her looks is because she is SO ugly from the inside that it isn’t difficult to see her ugliness from the outside. She is completely jealous of all these women and is obviously trying to ride on their coattails as she did her “dear friend” Nicole, whom (in case anyone is too young to remember) promptly posed in Playboy and wrote a disgusting book in the wake of Nicole’s brutal murder. Great friend, right? As Camille said correctly- The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick. She is a disgusting excuse for a woman and to confront Lisa in her own home, during her housewarming/vow renewel party- she showed her true character or lack of…
    As my mother always said, ” Mediocrity actively seeks to destroy anything better.”

  45. Fay is defending her good friends. I’d do the same. Any good friend would. I think she’s gorgeous for a woman her age or any age.

  46. Faye Resnick is the definitive high school bully. Unfortunately, she is long past her high school days. The way she inserts herself in other people’s business is childish and pathetic. Brandi Glanville has more class in her little finger than that cow, Faye, has in her entire body. Kudos to Yolanda Foster for coming to Brandi’s defense at Lisa’s housewarming party. Faye has brought a very low element to the Housewives show. I always feel like I need a shower after watching her fight dirty. I want to wash off her bad energy.

  47. SHE IS A NASTY DISGUSTING PERSON AND I CAN’T STAND TO LOOK AT HER. BRAVO!!!!! Please DO NOT bring this pathetic excuse for a human being back to TV. If you do I will NOT be watching RHOBH or any other show she appears on!!

  48. this is an obvious bash fest, for the ignorant and uneducated. Get a life of your own….. and as for the racist comments from lisa, there will be a judgement day, good luck with that……..

  49. I think Faye should be whisked off of RHWOBH and sent directly onto What Not To Wear….That sea foam green see thru dress she wore to Lisas party was God aweful….rolls and puckers everywhere…take it off my dear and cram it into that big mouth of yours so we don’t have to hear your garbage anymore!!

  50. faye resnick is a beautiful person. you idiots dont know what trash brandi is. you used to think so. faye is gorgeous, she’s just 55 now,that’s all. she stands up for her friends and gets down on brandi for trashing paul and adrienne. what’s wrong with that? i met faye years ago. she framed artwork for me at her chiropractors office FOR FREE. i wanted to be her friend then and there. but she was very rich and i was a starving artist and we just met and she had a ton of friends and i was… reaching. but will never forget her generosity. i seriously hate social climbers like brandi who wants to be Cedric to lisa and ken.

  51. Camille called it correctly in last year’s RHOBH…the morally corrupt Fay Resnick. Resnick reminds me of a gutter rat….always rushing about trying to get what tidbits of fame she can graze off of the remnants of others. Lordy, I hope she isn’t added to the cast of RHOBH permanently. That would be enough to make me flip the channel.

  52. she told the reading public (which i assume none of you can really read books…) that she saw O.J> was going to kill Nicole. she was nicoles friend and her ethnicity is a gorgeous mix. and what do you have against Mexicans, you ignorant bitch?

  53. faye tells it like it is. brandi is mean and then apologizes after she hurts everyone. why do you believe that piece o white trash brandi? even her name is a cocktail!

  54. I’m a little uncomfortable with some of the comments above regarding race and ethnicity… and then equating that to Faye being a horrible person. I’m no fan of Faye, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a former coke head, or that she is a fame whore… and she certainly acted like a horrible person to Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda. But her race and ethnicity have nothing to do with her being a horrible fame whore.

    I really hope she doesn’t end up on the show.

  55. Who cares what she looks like or whether she’s a quality person. It’s not like the “housewives” are a classy group with naturally beautiful looks to start with.

  56. It is so shocking that so many people have awful things to say about a person they do not know. Real Housewives is just a TV show. These trolls have too much time on their hands. Why don’t they all go out and get jobs. Do something useful with your lives haters. Get a job! If you can’t stand your vile selves then fast track to hell! You all belong there!

  57. Why do reality shows find old botched up hags…like Faye what ever her name is , god what is her claim to fame speading her legs for playboy , 50 years ago…it’s like TV executives go out of their way to find the most disgusting , Nasty ,old bitches on the planet …. YUK

  58. Reading some of the positive comments on F.R . Looks like she has paid a few people to write the positive comments , because nobody in the right mind would think that horrible old hag ..was a nice person.

  59. Faye resnick looks like a person of black,Iberian west European white,South American Indian. However she is a very attractive women. She looks 15 years younger than she is.

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