Photos Of Faye Resnick Throughout The Years, Before Plastic Surgery, What Is Her Ethnicity?


Faye Resnick, friend of Kyle Richards, has taken Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers by storm. First, she put Camille Grammer’s medium, Allison DuBois, in her place in Season 1, and more recently, Faye played a controversial role in an episode in Season 3. Faye infuriated a lot of viewers by confronting Brandi Glanville about her comments towards Adrienne Maloof.

Bravo has added Faye to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast page on their website, and they also removed a controversial blog Faye wrote about confronting Brandi. After all this attention surrounding Faye, viewers have taken an interest to her past. What is she famous for? What did she look like before plastic surgery? What is her ethnicity? We’ve researched and are sharing with you what we have found.

First, Faye is mostly known for her involvement in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. She was very good friends with Nicole Brown Simpson. Faye wrote a book about Nicole’s murder, and posed for Playboy in March of 1997 after the trial. Resnick now owns her own interior design business, “Faye Resnick Design.”

Next, there have been a lot of questions about Faye’s ethnicity and what she looked like before plastic surgery. Is she black, is she white? We’ve researched everything we can about Faye and all we have found are some old pictures of her throughout the years. Browse through the gallery below to see Faye’s looks change over the years and tell us what you think!

Tell Us- What do you think Faye’s ethnicity is? What work do you think she’s had done?