Photos From Lauren Manzo Scalia’s Honeymoon!


Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren is now officially married to Vito Scalia and the newlyweds have been honeymooning in Puerto Rico! Mrs. Scalia has been sharing a ton of photos from their trip on social media. You can see some of them below!

Honeymoon…. Absolutely insane. I feel so blessed!

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

Who says you have to be boring when you’re married???? @vitoscalia3

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

Relaxing at the hotel #honeymooning

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

Coconut water! #honeymoon

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

I know he loves me because he took me all over town to find a selfie stick. 😘

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

Surprise from my handsome husband ❤️ private dinner on the beach!

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

Honeymoon to the shore. Life is good!

A photo posted by Lauren Manzo Scalia (@laurenmanzo) on

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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I’m not going to say anything about Lauren, all I will say is poor Vito! Marrying into that family!

Agreed. Yet, he had to know what he was marrying, considering how much was on TV, and all the years with the spoiled misbehaved princess. He looks like a regular guy and probably thinks he won the lottery. “To each his own” as they say, and also “You made your bed. Now lie in it.” He chose her, and she probably comes with a hefty dowry which doesn’t hurt.

He knew her before they were on TV. He was best friends with Albie for years before dating Lauren, so yes, he knew exactly what he was getting into. But I don’t think that the Manzos are that bad of a family. Annoying? Yes. But they seem to have it together as a family, I think they’re honest in that regard. Vito himself comes from and works for his good and hardworking family and Albert didn’t get to where he is without busting his ass over the years, so I don’t think he’s just going to let anyone come in… Read more »
I never said they were bad for each other. Clearly he knows the family. They are also reality TV stars. They have dated for years. I said he knows who he married. I said it doesn’t hurt that she is from a wealthy family, but never meant that it was why he was marrying her. They are both Italian-American. Vito fits in with her family and they like him. I do still think she acts like a spoiled misbehaved brat a lot. I know people who live in the same town and have gone to her business and met her… Read more »
Well thank you for letting me know I’m entitled to my own opinion, I wouldn’t have known that if not for you. Calm down tiger, why are you getting so defensive, I’m not bashing you or your statement, I’m simply giving MY opinion. I actually agreed with what you said about Vito knowing what he got himself into, but the way you worded things, it sounds like you’re painting him as him an opportunist and I just didn’t agree with that part. Thank you for backpeddling, err I mean explaining yourself. I’m simply giving you my perspective also being from… Read more »
Honestly, anonymous, sometimes people read a certain tone in the written word that was never there. I was speaking honestly and without any anger when I said that we each are entitled to our opinions, and not to mock you or make you feel belittled in any way. I am sorry if it came across that way to you. We are all entitled to our opinions and most of us here agree to disagree and have shown no malice toward one another. We don’t critique another’s opinion either. That was what I was saying. It seems like Vito is quite… Read more »

Beautiful pics.

So pretty! Hope they have many healthy, happy years together.

I love the Manzos. They remind me of the big crazy Italian families I grew up with in Jersey. They don’t seem like celebrities to me, just regular people with all the same flaws and issues that most of us have…and I think they are funny…especially Christopher. I also have a huge crush on Albert. I fell really hard when I saw him vacuuming the runners in the back ground when they were filming at the Brownstone during one of Danielle’s dramafests.

Christopher is funny. He has the best personality of all of them. He is about 23 or so and seems to have it together. Albie is handsome, however, for an older child he seems more of a mamma’s boy than his kid brother. Together they are fun to watch for me and without them, especially Christopher, I wouldn’t watch at all. It wears thin after a while for me. I don’t know if you watched them on Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Dating show, but Caroline was really overbearing about who her sons dated. I admit Chris was quite young then and… Read more »