Photos: Eileen Davidson Before Plastic Surgery


Emmy-winning actress Eileen Davidson is the newest addition to the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and viewers have definitely taken notice to her beauty. The stunning actress is 55-years old and this begs the question; what work has she had done? Well, RadarOnline has uncovered some of Davidson’s old yearbook photos!




After looking at Eileen’s high school yearbook photos, what plastic surgery do you think she has had done? Tell us in our comments section!

Photo Credits: Bravo/RadarOnline


6 Replies to “Photos: Eileen Davidson Before Plastic Surgery”

  1. Those pictures are so blurry it’s really hard to tell really. And to be fair, some of my friends who I know for a fact had no plastic surgery look drastically different from their High School days. But I’m sure she’s had a nose job, Botox and fillers. At any rate she looks fantastic without the over done look of Adrienne Maloof, in my opinion anyway.

  2. I agree with Karen. I think she is beautiful then and now. If she’s had work done it doesn’t show. She’s definitely not a plastic face like these women who married plastic surgeons. Maloof and DuBrow are becoming scarier and scarier and they are younger than Eileen.

  3. I’d love to know why some (like Eileen Davidson) look so great after, and some (i.e. Adrienne Maloof and Heather Dubrow) who seemingly could afford the best, look so awful. Is it a case of unscrupulous doctors that will just keep taking the money of women who don’t realize they’ve gone too far?

  4. Eileen looks fabulous. And I agree she doesn’t look overdone on surgery like a lot of ppl do. So who cares how much…she looks great!!

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