Photo Of Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House! Why She Was Evicted, & Details On Building! Plus- House Was A Foreclosure?

Kim Zolciak

We’ve seen a lot of tweets about the progress of former Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak’s Dream Home, and now there’s a photo to prove it really does exist! Kim and Kroy’s dream home has been being built for what feels like forever, and now we have some details on what it looks like, and what’s inside! Kim tweeted on December 28th, “Giving u a sneak peek of Our work in progress 😉 #watchoutjoneses,” along with the photo of the outside of their new home!


Kim's Dream Home

After being evicted from Kendra Davis’ home that Kim and Kroy intended to buy, they returned to Kim’s townhouse that has been featured on RHOA. I know it’s old news, but if you didn’t know, here’s what happened: Kim and Kroy were renting the home from Kendra and her husband, which was fully decorated by Kendra. Kim and Kroy were going to purchase Kendra’s home (the house that they filmed their wedding on ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding’), and Kim even shared at the RHOA Season 4 Reunion that they were close to closing on the house. Apparently, Kim and Kendra had a falling out over hosting the wedding at the house on November 11th, 2011. Kim was assembling large venues in the backyard without consulting her landlord, Kendra.

It is also reported that Kim owes Kendra thousands of dollars for her decorating services that she never paid. Kendra announced publicly that Kim and Kroy had no intentions of buying the house and they were renting month-to-month. Kendra also announced that she was going to evict the Biermann family. Kim denies any rumors of eviction, “No honey not evicted, lease was up may 31st and were trying to extend our lease for 4 mnths until our house was built but our asshole landlords emailed us June 1st and said get out, so we r in the process of moving!”

“Eviction means I never paid my rent which has never happened we are simply in a holding period and moving out while paying a fine everyday until everything is out! Google Kendra she is bat sh*t crazy mama! Xo,” Kim added. After more questions on Twitter were asked, Kim finally tweeted on June 11th, “I love my husband, he just said, “Babe we got evicted, Great!! We will be in our brand new home in 4 months and everyone will see the truth” lmao.”

Below are documents regarding Kim and Kroy attempting to terminate their lease, obtained by TMZ.




Regardless of what happened with Kendra, the couple is moving forward and now overseeing the building of their dream house (above). Kim also revealed on Twitter that her new crib will have 8 fireplaces! “At the new house freezing our asses off!!!!!!!!!!!” Kim tweeted. A fan replied, asking if there were any fireplaces, Kim revealed, 8 but our house isn’t close to being finished!” I think it’s a good assumption that building their dream home will be a big part of Kim and Kroy’s spin-off show, ‘Don’t Be Tardy,’ airing on Bravo in Spring!

UPDATE: New information on Kim’s dream home has emerged. Kim has been tweeting her excitement about building her dream home, and it turns out Kim isn’t building her new house from the ground up! According to TV Fishbowl Kim purchased a home located in The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta, GA, this is also the neighborhood where DeShawn Snow lived in Season 1 of RHOA. According to original legal documents discovered by TVFishbowl Kim actually bought an already built house! That’s not all! Kim bought that house was a foreclosure! She and Kroy bought a pre-existing foreclosure that they are now renovating and Kim is telling people she’s building her dream home!

According to TVFishbowl, Kim’s new house was originally listed for $3.7 million, and when the developers went bankrupt they reduced the price of the house by over $1 million. When it still didn’t sell, the bank reduced the home to $999,900, but they were also accepting best offers. Which is when Kim and Kroy got their new house at the low price of $880,000!

Kim and Kroy closed on the house in October and did NOT tear it down to start renovations. TVFishBowl has the original documents and photos of the home. Click here to see!

Kim denies any of these new reports. She took to Twitter to tell her fans her new house was NOT a foreclosure. “partially built home structure 70% NOT completed foreclosed, we purchased it and will be finishing it out BRAND NEW! Doesn’t even have a driveway yet!” Kim said. 


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Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter/TMZ