Photo Of Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis After RHONJ Brawl! Jacqueline Laurita Speaks Out!


After her involvement in the huge brawl at the opening of POSHE 2, Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Jacqueline Laurita is speaking out. Jacqueline and her tells PEOPLE Magazine that she is focusing on the positive and she has a good relationship with all her co-stars right now.

“We’ve all been through so much but we are in a really good place right now,” she shares. “We’ve put a lot of the bad blood behind us and worked through our issues.”

It was reported that Jacqueline took off her stilettos and hit John Karagiorgis over the head with her heel, leaving a huge gash in his forehead (photo below). The official complaint made by John states, “Ms. Jacqueline Laurita then struck the victim in the forehead with the heel of a stiletto type shoe. Eventually, security for the television show was able to separate all parties involved without any further incidents.” The police report states Karagiorgis “had obvious injuries to his head,” including lumps and abrasions.


A friend of Jacqueline’s is defending her against the allegations made by Johnny. “She never used her shoe against [Karagiorgis]. And everyone felt as though he came in there confrontational, and instigated the fight,” Jac’s friend insists.

The Laurita’s are alleging Johnny made comments about their autistic son, Nicholas. Karagiorgis completely denies these accusations and says he would never bring up anyone’s child. Chris Laurita tells PEOPLE of Nicholas, “He keeps progressing, and then regressing, but he’s doing so well. We’re really happy with his progress. He’s a great little boy.”

Jacqueline & Chris Laurita along with Joe Gorga have all been charged with assault and making terroristic threats. They have also all filed counter-complaints against Johnny. Those are currently being investigated by authorities. An initial hearing is set for April 18. No arrests have been made at this point.

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14 Replies to “Photo Of Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis After RHONJ Brawl! Jacqueline Laurita Speaks Out!”

  1. How sad to see someone get hurt like that. I doubt he said anything bad about the child because his wife has worked with and donated haircuts (at her salon) for special needs children for over 20 years.

  2. TO stat, I don’t like Jacko nor the Gorgas, but I do not believe Johnny. If you follow the RHONJ housewives he has been stalking Teresa and Bravo since the Gorgas came on the show. He is desperate to be on the show and be relevant. He stalks more than the wife does. He is really crazy he now attacks women supporters of the RHONJ and then he immediately deletes his tweets. I can probably see him going to the opening of the show with the agenda of starting a fight so he could get on camera.

  3. Wonder what Caroline thinks of her brother and Joe. She was so vocal of Theresa being trashy, yet a bar room brawl is not all that classy. Funny cause when Theresa flipped the table “defending” Dina Caroline laughed and was amused by Theresa’s actions, rather proud. It wasnt until Theresa brought light that Caroline and her family were not as perfect that Caroline was “thrown off” by Theresa. Its called KARMA!!!!!

  4. Thisis another reason I have stopped watching this show. They are ALL a bunch of trashy stupid idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is this whole fight video taped by Bravo? If it is, can’t the police just sopena the video and clear up who and what happened? And at least one side is going to look like liars… most likely both though.

  6. I think this is another incident set up by the producers but it backfired. I dont believe Johnny said anything about Nicholas. I think Jac & Chris are saying that so that they dont look like the bad guys for attacking Johnny.

    I sure as hell hope Johnny presses ahead with the charges and doesnt let Bravo buy him off. The behaviour displayed by Joe, Chris & Jac is disgusting. What about the fact that Joey & Rich went to see Johnny before the event OFF CAMERA to make peace yet as soon as the cameras are rolling they attack & act like revolting pigs. I think this is why Meho’s sister went on the offense on twitter. I think Bravo is shaping Meho up for the bad edit and they are not backing Joe up with this fight with Johnny.

  7. i think he said something about nicholas and it was interpreted wrong. otherwise why would they jump in like that at the end of the day they need to start to handle things better still love them tho!!!! lets not always think everything is a setup

  8. Let’s reflect a bit and talk about the disgusting Brawl that took place and let’s get down to the truth about Johnny the Greek’s wife Penny’s past and the “armed bodyguard” who showed up with Johnny that night…. Mario Petris. If Penny wants to bring up Melissa’s past and paint herself as some innocent person than I finally must speak! I got some truth about here past concerning her true relationship with Mario Petris Johnny the Greeks bodyguard and so called family friend….this guy used to bang Penny Drossos in High School and still is as we speak today! They are from Cliffside Park NJ and everyone who grew up with them knows that penny used to be OBSSESSED with Mario! In fact Penny used to stalk Mario relentlessly. Mario was never into Penny but now since she has been trying to get onto RHONJ he has rekindled their friendship via face book so he could grow his personal training business he is completely using Penny to his own advantage. He knows Penny always had a thing for him and used to write him crazy and I mean crazy stalker letters all the time. So everybody there you go that is the REAL connection between Penny and Mario. The hilarious thing is that Johnny the Greek has no idea even though everyone else who went to High School with them all knows the true connection between Penny and Mario. On another note Mario Petris was also a known High School bully and a major club drug dealer and we have the photos to prove it! Look up his public criminal
    arrest record and you will see that everything I have said is public knowledge. This needs to be brought to light. A known convicted criminal convicted for bullying is friends with a woman trying to expose others past when in fact she is a whore stalker banging this guy Mario if that is not hypocritical I do not know what is. Read his face book page and twitter and see his comments on bullying it’s all right there! Mario Petris bullier, drug dealer, steroid taker it’s all right there and public knowledge. Every single person needs about this guy Mario and his relationship with Penny Drossos. The whole world needs to know the truth and the truth always comes out. I got alot more to tell it will all come out! Melissa and Joe Gorga if you want the rest of the truth about Penny get in touch and let’s really expose the truth about this liar!!!! You guys really need to look into Mario Petris past! RHONJ look up his record he was arested for aggravated assault in the past and for other things as well!

    1. you will only know what lies you want to expose about me local boy!!!!!! i will prove you wrong 100 times over you waste of sperm and an egg!!!!!!

    2. you are deff the kid that was abused by all the cool kids you waste of sperm now you are so angry at the world you cant even stand yourself you pathetic piece of shit i would love to see who you are just so we can expose the truth about yourself unlike the lies you make up about MARIO PETRIS you stupid misfit jackass !!! and when you ready to confront me with anything just call me i will video our interaction and how pathetic you really are you pussy!!!!!!!!

  9. IMO Wound on JK head does not look like a wound from a heel. Did he see a Professional? Too jagged for what he described.

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