Photo Of Kathy Wakile’s New Dream Home


Kathy Wakile and her husband Rich started building their dream home last April, and had planned to be moved in by Christmas 2014, but a new report reveals the mansion is nowhere near ready for the family to move into it.

In the photo of the Wakile’s new home, obtained by RadarOnline, it is revealed that the stucco has been poured on the Italian countryside-style home and some stones are in place, but there is still a lot that has to be done.

“The house in Franklin Lakes is enormous but not anywhere near done,” Tom Murro tells the site, adding that the Wakiles plan to move in by the end of this year.


Photo Credit: Bravo/RadarOnline

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It looks like something from a film set of a Disney movie. Not in a good way, tasteless!

lol, what’s with these people… there are 4, I repeat 4 of them and yet they need 48 or whatever rooms… sure if you got the money (doubt it in this case) then just hire an architect who will actually come up with a good plan for a smaller, yet way more acceptable and beautiful HOME

Agreed. Why? Soon it will just be the two of them. Perhaps donate money to the homeless and build smaller. It’s vulgar

Sweet! Good for them!

Absolutely gorgeous. Not sure why they need a home that big but its their money and their life.
Hope they enjoy it.

I just thought of something. Teresa has been abusing Kathy for years. TERRIBLE. If her only motive is to piss Teresa off I am loving it. Kathy will be in a palace and Teresa in the projects (or prison). Justice.

At this stage of life, with children grown and in college, most would consider downsizing. The children don’t necessarily stay home forever, even if they do have their own wing. However, it appears that she is doing quite well and wants to show it off in a town where most of the wealthiest housewives live. If she and her husband can support themselves enough to maintain this house, then I wish her and her family well. I am sure that visiting the others in their palatial estates and having them flaunt it over the years, was probably the impetus for… Read more »

Well said. I agree. At this point in their lives it may be a good time to think of downsizing. Obviously, she’s not to that point and if it makes them happy then…go for it. My Mother built a huge house 5 years before her death. It turned out that my sister and her two children moved in and then my other sister and her husband and one son moved in. We never know what the future will hold.

Hope they are not getting all their money from crime