Phaedra Reacts To Kenya Moore Flirting With Her Husband, Apollo!

Phaedra Parks

In a new exclusive interview with The Examiner, Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Phaedra Parks reacts to her co-star Kenya Moore flirting with her husband, Apollo. Phaedra also talks about the new dynamic in Season 5, who she’s close to when the Bravo cameras aren’t rolling, and her thoughts on Kim Zolciak’s dramatic exit from the show. Read what else Phaedra said below!

When asked what her thoughts are as she watches Kenya with her husband, Phaedra replies, “This is the thing, Kenya is very inappropriate and as she showed she flirts with everyone as she is quite the attention seeker, and she obviously likes to drink more than most, and I think when you add that combination, it makes for a very un-lady like woman. You hope that women over 40 are able to act their age and not their shoe size, but that’s not always the case. I didn’t like it, I thought it was very distasteful and very inappropriate, but that’s who she is. You can’t make a loose woman a lady.”

As for who Phaedra has formed a real friendship with? “Kandi and I are extremely close, we are “besties” when the cameras aren’t rolling…we travel together, double date together, we both adore each other’s family, so I would say Kandi first, and I would say Cynthia second, her daughter, Noelle babysits Ayden for us, so I spend time at their house often,” Phaedra tells The Examiner.

When asked about her thoughts on Kim Zolciak’s dramatic exit from RHOA, Phaedra says, “At the table with all the bickering, I realized that her priorities have changed and her main focus shifted to her family and there is nothing wrong with that. Whatever it is that you love, that’s what you should do. That’s why I asked her the question, “Do you have time for your girlfriends?” and when she answered, “no.” It was a clear indicator that she had grew to a point in her life that her number one priority was her family, and I can respect that. I think that more of us need to focus on our families…I like Kim and we speak occasionally and I will continue to speak to her and support her in any endeavors that she is involved in, if she doesn’t have time for the ladies I understand, sometimes I feel like I don’t have time…it’s all about what’s important to you, and her allegiance is with her husband and her children.”

Lastly, what will surprise viewers most this Season? “Obviously we’ve added new cast members, and some of them have personalities that we’ve never seen on the show. But I think the shocking and deceitful behavior of some will be very different from seasons in the past,” Phaedra says.

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  1. First and foremost, yes Kenya did flirt with Apollo in the pool shoving and next by asking Phedra if Phedra was to give Apollo a gift of two friends, Kenya was insinuating her and Apollo having sex. As Phedra told her no you can’t have sex with my husband, and told Kenya to go on out of her face. So in my opinion that is over the top flirting. Drinks or not some things you just don’t say or do. Kenya needs to act her age and stop acting so desprate and inapporpriate.

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