Phaedra Parks To Release Book, Will She Attend NeNe Leakes’ Wedding?


Phaedra Parks gave birth to her second son in May, and she has been laying low, but now The Real Housewives of Atlanta Star is chatting with TooFab about her upcoming book, RHOA, and NeNe’s upcoming wedding! “Kandi Burruss and Todd came to the hospital,” Phaedra tells the site. “Cynthia Bailey has talked to me several times since giving birth. And Porsha Stewart sent a wonderful gift.”

NeNe Leakes “hasn’t reached out,” Phaedra reveals. “But I did just receive an invitation to her wedding. I plan to attend. I like NeNe but she doesn’t always like me,” Phaedra explains.

So now that Season 5 has wrapped how does Phaedra feel about Kenya Moore? “Last season on the show, we saw a lot of bad behavior. On Reality TV in general, you see a lot of bad behavior,” Phaedra admits. “Sometimes you wonder, are people acting badly because they just don’t know better, or because they’re just bad people?”

“I wanna be optimistic and think that people might not know the rules and how to conduct themselves,” she adds. And as for Kenya, Phaedra reveals they are NOT friends. “I only met her when she joined the show.”

Phaedra will be addressing this issue in her upcoming book, ‘Secrets Of A Southern Belle.’ “Being a southern belle is a daily journey, you’re not going to act right all the time. When I dropped the f-bomb, that’s not something I use all the time. I was just so agitated. Everybody knows how to act well, and everyone knows how to act badly,” Phaedra says.

Photo Credit: Bravo