Phaedra Parks Talks About Pregnancy & Wanting A Baby Girl!

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Phaedra Parks is currently in her second trimester, as she and her husband, Apollo Nida, are expecting their second child! Phaedra recently sat down with The Huffington Post, and revealed her son Ayden is hoping for a baby sister! “He is so excited,” Phaedra said. “He keeps saying, ‘I want a sister.’ He actually has a cousin. So he thought that was his sister because he gets to see her often.”

Phaedra plans on finding out the sex of her baby, but she and Apollo don’t know yet. “We don’t know just yet,” Phaedra reveals. “But we will find out. I just want a healthy baby but I would like a [girl],” she shares. “At first I was anti-little girls, and my husband was like ‘I’d like a daughter.’ But now I’m like, a girl might be fun. Me and my mom are best friends.”

Ms. Parks also dishes on her least favorite part of pregnancy. “Most people aren’t used to walking with the basketball in front of them, you know. I gotta basketball in the back!”

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