Phaedra Parks Spends Christmas In Atlanta, Did Not Take Sons To Visit Apollo In Prison


Earlier this month, RHOA star Phaedra Parks said that she would love to bring her sons to visit their father, Apollo Nida, in prison for Christmas. But it turns out, Parks opted for a quiet holiday at home in Atlanta.

Nida is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence for identity theft and bank fraud in Lexington, Kentucky. Meanwhile, Phaedra and their two sons spent Christmas “at Phaedra’s Atlanta home,” an insider told RadarOnline. “It was very quiet, immediate family only.”

“The entire day was devoted to the boys, and they had a great time,” the insider continued. “Everything Phaedra does is for the boys, and she didn’t want any of the drama of the past year to impact their Christmas.”

Visiting Apollo in Kentucky, “logistically just didn’t work out,” the source explained. “But Apollo did talk to the boys on the telephone on Christmas day.”

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7 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Spends Christmas In Atlanta, Did Not Take Sons To Visit Apollo In Prison”

  1. I think Phaedra fid the absolutely best thing for the boys and herself. Spending Christmas at home in a nice , normal and cozy setting is of course the right choice over driving two young boys from Atlanta to Kentucky on Christmas to visit their selfish felon Father in prison. Apollo is a big boy who knew the consequences of his behaviors- and his sons should not have to pay for his sins. A phone call is good enough.

    1. I agree, Apollo did not think of his sons when he broke the law and now his sons are paying for his crimes. What a POS. Phaedra mad the right decision by not taking them to see him.

  2. Phaedra was right not to take those children to see him. It didn’t appear that he was very concerned about spending time with them before he went to prison and he certianly wasn’t concern with the consequences when he was breaking the law so why should his bad choices now become her problem now.

  3. One fact that will never change, Apollo will always be the boys’ father. And the boys will need him especially at that crucial age and beyond when Apollo gets released. Although Apollo made horrible choices, at which he is definitely paying the price for (be it failing his family and doing time), that is still his family. We all don’t get it right all the times, and we all make terrible mistakes. Not saying that Apollo deserves anything, but at some point in life, we all come to a juncture where we need compassion and a second chance, or even third chance. Although I have no doubt Phaedra will do a magnificent job in raising the boys, there will be a void that she will never be able to fill, and that is the role of the father. Phaedra is not obligated to insure the boys have a relationship with their father, but believe me, although be it very uncomfortable, time-consuming, and insulting, it is definitely right for the boys especially long-term. I’m sure the boys were conceived in love, and now, that same love must sustain them even through rough times such as this. This is not something I am guessing about, this is something that I know. Stay truthful and allow the boys to communicate with their father, even though hard to understand, they will by and by. A mother’s love won’t be able to fill it, another man can help, but some void will still be there. Money or material wealth won’t be able to fill it either, because we each have a dedicated role that make up the family. I know it’s hard Phaedra, but don’t give up on Apollo for the boys sake, especially long-term.

  4. She did the right thing. The kids shouldn’t have to see their father in that type of setting. Apollo shouldn’t expect this, he made the choice to do what he did, why should Phaedra and the boys suffer to go see him?

    1. I think that I will beg to differ. I think Phaedra did the right thing for Phaedra, and I am not mad at that. With the kids being so young, I am not mad that she chose to spend a quiet Christmas at home. But the dynamics of family is not always pretty, comfortable, or easy. The fact and truth still won’t change. The boys will need and long for a relationship with their father, Apollo, especially as they grow older. If not, there will be a void that will forever affect the boys. The boys will always long for their mother’s love and their father’s love, even though Apollo made horrible choices. Of course the ball is in Phaedra’s hands now, to the extinct of the relationship the boys will have with their father. And although very uncomfortable for Phaedra, it is definitely right for the boys in due time.

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