Phaedra Parks Speaks Out About Apollo Nida’s Engagement

Two years after announcing that she was separating from her husband Apollo Nida, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is reacting to the news that her former husband is now engaged to a new woman. Parks also reveals what kind of relationship her sons have with their father.

“They talk to Apollo, so I don’t inflect any of my thoughts about it. They have a relationship with their dad, so we dont have conversations,” Phaedra told The Daily Dish when asked about the conversations she has with their sons around the holiday season during his absence. “They speak to him themselves very regularly.”

As for Nida’s engagement. Phaedra said, “I wish him all the best.”

While their father may not physically be around, Phaedra shares that she has plenty of great male role models around in their lives.

“Well you know being a single mother is definitely a big responsibility because you are the sole provider of all the financial resources, in my case, but you are the parent [and] you’re the mom [and] you’re the dad,” she said. “And as a woman I can’t be a dad cause I don’t have the genitalia and the mindset of a man, thank God. And so it’s important for me to not only be my best self, so that means that while trying to be an awesome mom I also have to take time out to make sure I’m taking care of myself personally so I can be happy. I can be stable emotionally and physically so that I can participate in all their activities.”

Phaedra adds that “it takes a village” when it comes to bringing up Ayden and Dylan. “I’ve got two awesome parents who step in all the time. They’ve got uncles that come around all the time. My ex-husband’s parents are very helpful as well. So we spend time with them,” she said. “So it’s a blessing to have good friends who will come in and play a part in their lives as male role models. They just make it a part of their routine to come and help me out so that I can do stuff like travel, get my nails done, and keep myself beautiful.”

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10 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Speaks Out About Apollo Nida’s Engagement”

  1. Goddamn Phaedra what a classy gal. If my husband pulled the shit Apollo did I certainly wouldn’t be congratulating him on his engagement to a sewer rat.

  2. Like the Obamas and her elegant, respectful parents, Phaedra ALWAYS GOES HIGH WHEN KHANDI, MAMMY JOYCE, KENYA, OR EVEN HER EX- GO LOW. She retains the power over her emotions. She pauses, thinks, and then chooses to respond LIKE A GROWN lady, (not react like an animal cornered). She may hurt inside, but she doesn’t give them power by showing that pain, when they keep trying to overpower her calm. At 71, I’ve learned a lot of how to respond to some hateful, scheming, selfish family members by how she conducts herself with people out to do her in. God and family – her go-to- just like the Obamas. Circle the wagons, and give it to God. It may look like they’re getting away with crap, but their hell is coming. Never give control of your emotions to someone who chooses to be your enemy, no matter how much it hurts in the moment. It is your power, and God will handle it.♡

  3. From all that is on the net, Apollo was seeing this girl when he was still married to Phaedra. I think this “engagement” is just for TV. The fiancé supposedly filmed Atlanta segments too, traveling with her young daughter from her first marriage to Atlanta. Her ex is not happy that she brings the daughter to the prison to visit Apollo either. The girl is milking it. Maybe Apollo wants her to be on TV, so he will have her support him when he gets out, but whatever it is, it is a joke, and the girl is nuts too. She is, from what I am gathering, a girl who has very little, and maybe she sees Apollo as a meal ticket in her own way.

    1. I just see Phaedra as money hungry. She was an attorney (still is I imagine) and latched onto a criminal, waiting for him when he got out of jail. She got on a reality TV show. She loved the big parties and went over the top.
      Then she wanted to get into the mortuary business, and she seemed very excited about the whole process. I just saw her wanting to have big parties for the deceased and watching the cash roll in. I don’t know that I trust her either. Maybe she knew more than she let on when it came to Apollo. I don’t know. Either way, I hope for the boys sake, that Phaedra does watch what she does, so those boys never lose their mother like they did their father…to prison. I feel sorry for the eldest son. He is brilliant, and he was old enough to get to know his father, and he feels the loss even more.
      Tony Soprano was a fictional character. I could not watch that show, since I live in NJ. It was too much for me, though it does exist to an extent in NJ. Oh, and the actor, James Gandolfino, used to eat at one of my favorite Jersey shore restaurants. They had his picture on their wall, along with Joe Pesce, who was there one night when I was there…could not see him behind a partition, but I recognized that laugh and voice, and they said they put that wall up when he ate there.

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