Phaedra Parks Sounds Off On Kim & Kenya’s Behavior!

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks is taking to her Bravo Blog to sound off on the first episode of Season 5! She explains that all of her cast mates are blessed and should be supportive of one another’s achievements. She also reveals some of her mother’s wise advice, and says she was greatly offended by Kenya’s comments to the models at The Bailey Agency, and troubled by Kim’s behavior towards Kandi’s new home.

Phaedra writes, “During Episode 1, we see how busy everyone is – NeNe has joined the stars in Hollywood; Kandi has found the love of her life and dream home; Kim is happily married and expecting a new baby; and Cynthia’s modeling agency is flourishing. My life, similar to that of my friends’, is equally as busy as I juggle the demands of being a wife, mother, business owner, philanthropist, apprentice and full time mortuary student.

While we should all be ecstatic for one another because we all have what matters the most — devoted families and wonderful friends — the old cliché of “actions speak louder than words” always prevails. And sometimes our words are more caustic than fire. My Mama always taught me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, well just don’t say anything at all.” During this episode some of us should have taken my Mama’s advice. I was troubled by Kim’s criticism of Kandi’s prestigious neighborhood and gorgeous home and equally if not more disturbed by Kenya’s harsh comments to the young aspiring models. While I hope that none of the comments were meant to be as hurtful as they sounded, I found them highly offensive. As women, we must always realize that it is not always what we say but more importantly when, where, and how we say it that counts most. In closing, “wisdom has two parts: (1) Having a lot to say (2) Not saying it.” -St. Bernadine (Catholic Church: Baltimore, MD).”

Tell Us- Do you agree with Phaedra?

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  1. Phaedra this is such an inspiring post. There is nothing more joyful than a smart, beautiful, independent woman. I aspire to have your wisdom as I mature. With that being said, let me just elaborate on a few things; just a few. I too thought it was rude and tasteless for Kim to comment on Kandi’s neighborhood, but like Kandi said on the after show, if someone who is familiar with something starts to put words in your ear, you start to believe them, and lets not even talk about Sweetie.. She is just…uggghh… Kenya goodluck, because you’re going to need it.. smh.. You’re seeking the wrong kind of attention.. What you do is forever, this show is temporary.

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