Phaedra Parks Says Kenya Moore Was Obsessed With Working On Donkey Booty Workout DVD Because She Has No Other Projects!

Phaedra Parks

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Phaedra Parks is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to set the record straight about her business deal gone awry with cast mate Kenya Moore. Phaedra gives viewers her perspective on what happened and says Kenya needs to take a Business 101 class. Phaedra also says that Kenya was obsessed with working on the Donkey Booty Workout DVD, because she has NO other projects going on! Read below!

Phaedra writes, “This week’s episode was all about business and friendship, which often makes for two unsavory bedfellows. This week Apollo and I attempted to do business with Kenya regarding our recently released Phine Body workout DVD. The business deal went awry when Kenya refused to present us with paperwork or speak to our attorney regarding her verbalized proposal.

While I have been noted as many things, a less that astute business woman has not been one of them. While we considered using Kenya, just like every other production company we contacted, we expected a budget, transparency, and the right to ask questions and receive answers. However, Kenya was opposed to all of this. She instead wanted my husband and me to pay her $100K in production fees with a 10% back end for an idea she did not invest in or assist in developing.

Instead of her using an attorney, which is standard for most business transactions, she wanted to negotiate the deal herself and became offended when our attorney questioned her about her budget and alleged distribution deal that we never agreed to nor received any paperwork for. I am assuming that she thought since we had known her for one month we would trust her with $100K without doing our due diligence. This blatant lack of rudimentary businessacumen made me very skeptical as her resume and actions were not consistent with what she was telling us. Everybody knows if you do million dollar deals you minimally have an attorney on retainer and no one pays anyone 50% or a 10% back end for a product that they have no intellectual property interest in or financial risk/investment in. We never asked Kenya to secure a distribution deal, she did that on her own accord, we asked her to produce (i.e. tape/record and edit) our workout DVD. However, she used my name to solicit offers.

Kenya’s primary contention was we wanted her to work for free. Which is bologna! If payment of $100K is free, please let me use your magic calculator and meet your accountant! While she continuously said she was working for free, our research with over five different production companies revealed to us that with our $100K payment she would minimally net in profits no less than $47K for her services which is more than ample compensation for a day’s work and 2 half hour meetings.

Unfortunately, business deals often go sour. I have never been one to cry over spilled milk, because I usually have another gallon or two in the refrigerator to pour. However Kenya, who obviously does not have any current projects and/or business ventures, became obsessed with working on our project; taking every opportunity to whine about it with anyone who would listen. Her time would have been used more wisely if she would have just been forthcoming with us, or better yet, hired an attorney to negotiate the deal. Thankfully, we did not use her or her company and our Phine Body with Phaedra & Apollo Donkey Booty Volume I was successfully released on December 11 without a hitch or an emotional roller coaster attached to it! We do hope that Kenya will invest in a Business 101 class and we wish her all the best!”

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4 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Says Kenya Moore Was Obsessed With Working On Donkey Booty Workout DVD Because She Has No Other Projects!”

  1. Go Phedra, go! Kenya is definately NOT all that! She’s a body that was ONCE a something who is still desperately trying to become a someone! By the looks of things certainly in this US of everyone knows and sees her as a fraud. With her disgraceful attitude she is never gonna make it at anything! People be warned dont ever let Kenya try to make you think she can help you. Episode after episode she continues to show the world she is a fake. And a backstabbing fake at that. No manners, no class, her beauty shriveled up long ago but Kenya doesn’t see herself for what she really is. I can just imagine how long she spends everyday contemplating who she will approach next with her lame brain ideas. Just how much did she pay to have that “so called” producer stand next to her pretending to be something he is not. I love how people do one thing in their lives and then feel they are privileged enough to print it on a business card and represent themselves as an educated, experienced, knowledgable somebody.
    The best part is that she really believed she was going to scam you out of money. She’s got balls! I know you’re smart enough to never ever even entertain the idea that Kenya is what she thinks she is. She doesn’t deserve the time of day from you for anything and don’t you let her forget it. Keep exposing her for the garbage she gave her and for the trash she is. She needs to be put out to pasture already. Encourage her to get a real job in an Atlanta old folks home in the Alzheimer’s section. At least they won’t remember the bull she tells them. Ha, ha, ha, I crack myself up.

  2. Boy did coffee table butt ever underestimate Ms Phaedra! I love Phaedra and smelled BS the minute Kenya asked for such a ridiculous fee AND a back end %. In the pr firm I worked for, Kendra did nothing per protocal in a proposal. But had she been forthright, as Phaedra said, she could have made some money – and since she is BROKE – I would think she better do something besides her lame copycat music crap. Guess her multi-million $ deals dried the hell up! lol

  3. Phaedra is PHABULOUS. My favorite ATL housewife. Kenya is a hot mess. A rude hot mess who thinks she’s God’s gift to mankind. Newsflash: you aren’t, you’re just a washed up pageant mess!

  4. Kenya Moore is an absolute HAM. I cannot believe that she was stupid enough to think Phedra would give her that type of money without doing her homework. Phedra is a well educated woman who practice law for a living. Kenya Moore is a wanna be. she wanna be fabulous and instead she is classless.

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