Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Never Paid Todd Tucker


Phaedra Parks is taking to her blog this week to explain her side of the story of the workout video with Todd Tucker. Parks says this has turned into an attack on her character and shares why she never paid Tucker. Read what she has to say below.

“The issue of me owing money to Todd Tucker for production of a prenatal workout video has gotten completely misrepresented and needlessly become the source of harsh feelings. Let me set the record straight for those who lack the necessary rudiments. First of all, this business matter is between TTucker Productions and Nida Fitness. Nida Fitness is co-owned by me and my husband. Nida Fitness hired TTucker Productions to produce a prenatal fitness video. Post-production on the video was never completed and therefore the final payment was not made. The project has been in limbo. It is disconcerting to see that Todd opted to discuss the matter with everyone, except the business owners of Nida Fitness; thereby turning this business matter into a personal attack and assault on my character. After I became aware that this matter was circulating the rumor mill, as a professional businesswoman, I invited Todd to come to my office to discuss. In good faith, I wrote him a check for half of the outstanding balance. Presently, I am still waiting on the final cut. Upon receipt of a commercially acceptable, finished product, I will cut the final check. Everybody knows that the final payment follows the final deliverable.”

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42 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Never Paid Todd Tucker”

  1. I see Kandi’s many faults…but I do not think she is a liar. I don’t trust Phaedra…she has been caught in too many lies.

    1. Rain, I wasn’t going to comment then saw yours, is there anyone on ATL who isnt shady now? I just can’t watch anymore! Maybe one day!!! (If there is a complete change of cast.)

      1. I stopped watching too Sally πŸ™‚ but this ‘southern belle’ , mother of the year routine is such a hoax and she’s just a terrible person

        1. I don’t get it either, I wanted to like her just because of those beautiful babies but maybe I’m just turning into a grumpy old woman!! Thanks for your support yesterday I left you a message xoxo

  2. I am usually team Phaedra, but if this is the case, why didn’t she say so to begin with? She has had ten excuses other than this one. Something just doesn’t smell right here.

    1. To be fair, I also don’t think Todd should have been using Kandi as his repo man or spent time acting like Peachter bitching about her behind her back. Why didn’t he just go directly to her?

  3. I agree, she seems to be full of excuses. I’m definitely not educated in the world of films and media but can one person say, I’ll pay you after you produce my video? Shouldn’t it be, “pay me” and I’ll finish your video? If that is the case, as a lawyer, why wouldn’t Phaedra just pay him the money but have a contract that states if he doesn’t produce this video to her in a timely manner, she can take him to court? I don’t trust her at all anymore either.

  4. Once again, WHY NOW TODD?! Why couldn’t he approach Apollo man to man about finishing up the dvd when it was through Nida fitness? Why wait until now? Also, I have to question why Todd never directly spoke to phaedra about it, but gossips about it to everyone BUT her!
    I agree Phaedra should just pay the man to shut him up, but I feel like there’s a deeper reason she doesn’t want the DVD out and that has to do with Apollo and finances. To me, in the beginning, Todd made it sound like he gave her the DVD and he was never paid for it…not that the product was in limbo at the moment. I completely understand where she says her priorities had switched and that one had gone to the bottom of the list. She may be doing well, but I imagine Apollos lawyers and court fees weren’t cheap. Especially the restitution that he has to pay. I just don’t get where he gives Apollo a pass, but not phaedra. If yall had time to be throwing thousands of dollars away to strippers…Todd should have had his behind out there scraping up them ones.
    To me, it sounds like Todd is taking a note from Peters book and securing his spot on the show. Obviously phaedra hit a soft spot about his working and there must be a morcel of truth to it if they’re going to fire back after bagging on her behind her back the whole season.

    1. She has been pretty close mouthed about Apollo the entire time since his arrest. I bet there is a lot to tell compared to the little she has said. I never thought she was in on it, and I think she started wondering what was going on during the season where K was trying to show Phaedra up. I would have been wondering too with the way that man bragged about his stripper life and then the way he treated her. I have never really liked Todd, but then for some reason, I don’t want to see most of the husbands. I have one of my own to look at!

      1. To me 3D, there just seems to be a pattern of shady behavior here. Not to defend Kenya, but Phaedra didn’t pay her either ! So I’m just saying by now, this is seeming like a pattern. It’s easy to blame Apolo for everything but something isn’t right here. Before long, we will hear that she hadn’t paid her taxes for 5 years or something

        1. I thought the issue was that Phaedra and Apollo decided to use another production company for their video instead of Kenyas and Kenya ripped off their idea and ended up making her own?

          1. Hmm the day I remember it, Kenya did some work, didn’t get payed so she decided to make her own. I could be wrong. Not defending Kenya but Phaedra isn’t an upstanding citizen either LOL

      2. Ahaha I totally agree about the husbands! I got my own and I’m glad he’s not messy like these other hubbies on these shows.
        Yes absolutely has been mum about him and his case. She usually tries to gloss over questions and I respect that. The most she’s had to say was about Todd and Kandi hiding his assets from the feds. That was a big red flag in my mind for todd and kandi. So much for Kandi not wanting phaedra to believe she’s picking sides.
        I honestly think the whole DVD thing has to do with Apollo and money. Maybe Apollo asked todd to put the pressure on her to get the dvd done so he can get some help paying that restitution back? The timing seems suspect to me.

    2. Exactly! he stored Apollo’s toys for FREE…he should’ve ask Apollo for the money..but he is messy…seems like he is more a friend to Apollo and forcing Kandi to abandon her friendship with Phaedra..

    1. In my opinion, all of them do that except kim fields. I haven’t found an ounce of humility between any of them atlanta ladies. They’re all full of themselves and above each other. Crabs in a barrel.

  5. She is NOT a Southern Belle! She does not have the breeding to be a belle.

    True Southern Belles are LADIES,; they do not curse, lie, have their breast /butt on display, & would never socialize with that group of women.

  6. I don’t think Todd should have been running his mouth & Kandi & her staff. He never mentioned that they hadn’t finished the video & he was waiting on a picture from Phaedra. She should pay him. But Todd & Kandi should not have hid Apollo’s assets at their house (which the government is going after). If Kandi was a real friend that would not have happened. Also, why didn’t Todd ask Apollo for it while they were going out to strip clubs.

  7. Phaedra is always caught I some lie. Remember when a Angela Stanton said Phaedra was running check fraud scam. Phaedra had others doing the dirty work including Apollo which was why they married b/c you can not testify against a spouse. Then Phaedra refused to testify. I believe it b/c why out of the blue would Angela Stanton give so many details. Then notice how Phaedra acts sarcastic on RHOATL when she speaks of Todd. Wait until Kandi see’s Phaedra’s commentary. Phaedra hooked up with Apollo with full knowledge of who he was. Birds of a feather flock together. I trust Kandi she is way too nice. Remember what Kim Zolciak did to Kandi regarding that song ‘Tardy 4 the Party.” Kim Zolciak took 80,000.00 & Kandi got 3,000.00. Not shocking b/c if you recall Kim dated a married RICH man due to being a gold digger. In other words Kandi is honest, kind & people like these two take advantage so hope she learned her lesson. If it walks/quacks like a duck it’s a duck.

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