Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Hasn’t Defended Porsha Williams About Kandi Burruss Rumors

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks has taken a lot of heat from viewers this season for not defending Porsha Williams regarding rumors about Kandi Burruss’ sexuality, especially when she is partly responsible for spreading them.

But when Porsha appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night, she told one caller that she can handle Kandi herself. “I mean, I can hold my own. There were some moments in the season, I was like, ‘Frack, come on!'” she explained. “But Phaedra’s her own person. I’m my own person. And most of the time when I’m in confrontation, they’ve said something directly about me, so I’m always gonna speak up for myself.”

Fellow WWHL guest, Charlamagne Tha God, saw things differently. “You know the friend that’ll fight for you and a friend that won’t,” The Breakfast Club host said. “She’s just one that probably won’t.”

Phaedra happened to be in the audience to defend herself. “The thing is, if I say something, I’m not going to be out of my element. I’m an attorney. I have jobs, so I’m going to not be getting crazy or ratchet because I have to go back to the City Hall, and I have to do real work,” she explained. “So I’m not going to be portraying myself any kind of way getting slime balled with the rest of these people. I’m not doing that. I’ve got five degrees for a reason.”

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4 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Hasn’t Defended Porsha Williams About Kandi Burruss Rumors”

  1. In my community there is a reason why we call her “Shady Phae Phae”, her ability to orchestrate drama, then give others rocks to throw while she hides her hand is NEARLY unparalleled amongst the Bravo franchises. There some things I like about Phaedra and others not at all, least of which the Pious Schoolgirl routine she adopts one minute while dissolving into a lecherous, butt-naked, breast-grabbing cat in heat the next. In the immortal words of Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills, ” Pick a lane. PICK A LANE”.

    Beyond that, everybody and their mother knows why she’s left Porsha out batting blindly by herself as Foot Soldier Numerous Uno: she has been holding off for as long as possible to not be outed as the one who started the Kandi & Shamea sex rumor which kicked off this whole debacle in the first place. Keep in mind, it has been revealed that when that conversation took place, the women were under the assumption that they were done for that scene and location, and were carrying on with lunch as regular civilians while random extra film footage was being collected for general editing. She was whispering and dumb enough to think that her mic pac wouldn’t pick up what she was saying and laid the golden egg alleging Porsha’s best friend was having an affair with Kandi, which obviously, she didn’t think would be shown. So until this episode actually aired, no one outside of Sheree and Porsha knew she kicked this entire scenario off.

    As long as Phaedra kept to a “If Not Asked, Then Don’t Tell” game plan, in her mind no one would be the wiser, because she didn’t know they had the footage, deciphered her kindergarten sign language…and especially since she has Porsha dumb enough to do all the grunt work and sword slaying…cause after all, Porsha needs the alliance and the storyline the most to maintain her spot on this show. She’s busted & back peddling…but what she said is nowhere near as heinous or harmful than Porsha Willams implying Kandi is somehow in a faulty marriage because she’s really a lesbian, or even worse, that she and her husband Todd are allegedly sexual predators who date drug and rape unsuspecting friends.

  2. Faktra says she doesn’t want to be slimy? How does she appear on the show then–SLIMY! C’mon girl–doesn’t she have shame with her nasty self, saying the nasty things she does, AND even the Shemea “poking kandi” sign language and whispering Shemea was fu**ing Kandi….

  3. The reason she hasn’t come out and said ANYTHING is because SHE is the one who put the gossip out there about Kandi Buress Tucker! Shame on this mean spirited vindictive little troll! Fakedra is a hypocrite who wants to portray herself as a Christian but it’s just a facade like everything’s everything else in her life. She loves going to strip joints and did cheat on her husband w “Mr. Chocolate” and according to Kandi intended to marry him ( how did that work out!) She lies, she cheats, she fornicates, she holds grudges and gossips about everyone but does the SAME stuff herself! Everything she does is designed to manipulate people and create a public persona that does not match her private one. In short she is a “hypocrite of hypocrites”! Jesus says on the day he divides the sheep and the goats he will say to you.. “Sorry I NEVER KNEW who PRACTICE lawlessness..(that is a sinful lifestyle) and a poor example to others..either BE a real Christian and let Jesus be LORD of ALL your life or continue to be Pharisee who is religious without a relationship with him! A whitewashed seplechure full of dead men’s bones!

  4. Fakedra is a major hyprocrite.
    She dishes out garbage and acts as if she
    Serving a gourmet meal.
    She has a negative comment on all the girls..
    The reason she hangs out with Porsha is because Porsha is dumb as dirt and will
    repeat ( and embellish) everything she says..
    I just can’t with these two lunatics..

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