Phaedra Parks Reveals Why She Didn’t Discuss Her Divorce At RHOA Reunion

Phaedra Parks is explaining why she didn’t talk about her divorce from Apollo Nida during the RHOA reunion. Parks officially ended her marriage with Apollo Nida while filming, but she wasn’t exactly letting everyone know. In fact, Phaedra kept mostly mum about the details of her divorce, only telling a couple of her co-stars; Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey, when it was final.

“I never wanted to negatively speak about Apollo,” she explained to PEOPLE. “At the end of the day, Apollo is the children’s father. And so I want them to be able to make their own opinions about who he is as a father.”

Phaedra and Apollo have two children together: 6-year-old Ayden Nida and 3-year-old Dylan Nida. “I respect my children too much,” Phaedra added during her interview with PEOPLE. “I don’t want them to look back on television, tabloids, or something I said that will make them feel like their father was not a great father. I’m always doing things to err on the side of not saying anything if I can’t say anything that’s not nice about him. It was important to me to maintain some privacy around it.”

Phaedra went on to say that none of her cast mates were supportive during this time. “None of them had been supportive throughout the process,” she shared. “So I knew their questions weren’t coming from a place of support — it was from a place of being nosy, wanting to know what was going on with my marriage and the divorce.”

Phaedra explained during this season’s RHOA reunion that she has divorced Apollo, but he has appealed their divorce settlement. She told PEOPLE that no progress has been made since then in finalizing the divorce for good. “The judge overturned it, so I’m forging forward to do whatever I need to do resolve this,” she said.

Meanwhile, Apollo has moved on with new fiancée Sherien Almufti, who appeared at the preview for Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang restaurant earlier this season of RHOA. Phaedra told PEOPLE that she doesn’t know Apollo’s fiancée. Her only concern moving forward with Apollo is that their children maintain a good relationship with their father. “I always want the boys to be able to have a good relationship with Apollo. And I hope that that’s his desire as well,” she said. “We’ve got two beautiful sons and my main objective is to make sure that they’re stable and happy and healthy. And that they have opportunities to do so and live with dignity.”

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Respect for her children? I think not…has she seen herself on TV with her own behavior? This in itself shows she has very LITTLE respect for them

Frank Van Der Heijden

I remember Nini saying that Phaedra was known as the “head doctor” in her high-school years…that was hilarious

Phaedra didn’t discuss her divorce at the reunion because she didn’t want to open the ENORMOUS can of worms all that entails. She was just being a good LIE-awyer, this case, lying by omission. In any case, it appears everyone’s contract has been renewed to start filming except hers although I’m still holding out that the Princess of Thotlandia will be released from her services as well… I mean, who on earth would that DASTARDLY Porsha Williams film with if she’s allowed to return???

You are right on as usual! Funny funny.. lol. Enjoy your comments always!

Fakedra lies so much she wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit her! She’s the great pretender..water seeks its own level and she knew what she was marrying with Apollo! I believe him when he said “freaky deakey” tricked/stalked him into marriage! There are other accounts out there about her being involved criminally too! Where there’s smoke there’s fire! She’s dirty through and through.. pretends to be pious but the reality is vastly different from what she portrays! She cheated on Apollo and then filed for divorce from him..then wants everyone to to feel sorry for’s all about image!… Read more »