Phaedra Parks Responds To Kenya Moore’s Physical Threats At RHOA Reunion!


Phaedra Parks is taking to her Bravo Blog to address Kenya Moore’s behavior at The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, even Kenya’s threat. Phaedra says Kenya’s behavior is horrific and despicable, as well as her claims that Phaedra is too “fat” to make a workout video!

Phaedra writes, “Following the first part of the reunion, I received numerous emails and calls concerning the physical threat Kenya made towards me. I really appreciate everyone’s concerns. However, as we have all seen this season, being inappropriate is the norm for Kenya, but I was even taken aback that she would actually threaten to physically strike an eight month pregnant woman. While violence is never acceptable under any circumstance, to even think about hitting a pregnant woman is horrifically despicable and evidences anything but sanity. Even though she attempted to portray my supporters in a less than favorable light, please know that I am grateful for your support and I think that you are the best!

During the reunion I mentioned erroneous postings by urban bloggers. A few people have asked whom I was referring to. In an effort to clarify my comment, urban has nothing to do with ethnicity. I was specifically talking about those bloggers who lack journalistic integrity and any substantive ability to produce prudent and credible information. These bloggers are more concerned with getting attention than getting the truth. Bloggers that blog about urban gossip may not, in my opinion, be classified as an “urban blogger,” if they are portraying correct and well researched information. True bloggers, regardless of the genre of content, strive to convey relevant, yet well investigated and vetted information. Similarly, when I mentioned Kenya’s booty was made in Mexico, it was not an insult to Hispanics or the Hispanic culture. Rather, it is actually the location where Kenya’s poorly constructed fix-a-flat booty augmentation was done.

During the reunion and prior episodes, Kenya has commented that I am “fat” and should not be doing a workout video, which is laughable. However, in a society where young girls and women struggle with body image issues that lead to deadly illnesses such as bulimia and anorexia, it is very irresponsible for a person whose entire body shape is due to plastic surgery to criticize any woman who is natural. Furthermore, it is fraud for her to suggest that she achieved her physique through exercise rather than plastic surgery intervention. If she were being honest, she would just give a referral to her plastic surgeons, rather than make a workout DVD. Many of you didn’t know I was pregnant when we shot our DVD. Nonetheless, my husband and I made our DVD for people much like ourselves who work regular jobs, are parents, and want to work out rather than opt to have plastic surgery. Everybody knows everyone isn’t tall; everyone isn’t skinny; and everyone isn’t voluptuous, but every body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. Our DVD strives to help people be comfortable in their own skin while enjoying an effective workout.”

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16 Replies to “Phaedra Parks Responds To Kenya Moore’s Physical Threats At RHOA Reunion!”

  1. I agree, ANY act of violence is wrong. That being said, Phaedra sure does know how to push a person’s buttons…..

  2. LOL fix-a-flat booty. 😀 I hollered. Phaedra is a crouching tiger, she doesn’t bite when unnecessary, but when she does it’s viciously accurate.
    I found it disgusting that Kenya threatened her with violence; even if she wasn’t pregnant, it’d be horrible, but seriously Kenya? That was absolutely villainous. THAT could’ve been a lawsuit, but Phaedra took the high road. (:

  3. Phaedra is 110% right there is no reason for Kenya to threaten a pregnant; please don’t get me wrong it is no use to threaten anyone but to do it a pregnant lady shows you just how LOW DOWN Kenya is. She let her true her true colors and just how low she will go all of hope Phaedra is staying away from her until her baby is born and she can defind herself. Do I think Kenya would hurt Phaedra if she drink like she did on their trip Anguila she went after Porsha if NeNe had not been there to get a hold of her she would have hit Porsha, so yes I think she could hit someone.
    And Phaedra all if us knows you mean to insult anyone and you said what you did in the heat of the moment, but my mother would say “Phaedra you let your mouth over load your a–” and you did and keep doing it so please watch your mouth..

  4. Love me some phaedra! You go girl…. Love everything you said, i hope mean girl kenya reads this . You r one of my favs,

  5. I love Phaedra’s calm, intelligent response to Kenya, and am curious to see which one of Kenya’s multiple personalities will come out to reply to it.

  6. Andy should have made Keyna leave the reunion the minute she threatened Phaedra!! That kind of behavior should never be tolerated and I am shocked he let her get away with it!! Shame on you Kenya.

  7. O it is what it is pregnant people shouldn’t pop trash that’s it bottom line…I like pha but people are people…

  8. Phaedra, I was most impressed with your calm response to Kenya’s irrational, vicious, ghetto attack on you. She talks over everyone, puts you & Porsha down, threatens pregnant women and talks about herself like she’s God’s Gift to the world. She stole your idea on the video. She’s proven repeatedly that she’s the epitome of insecurity. You are right, the highest form of flattery is imitation, she’s the one jealous of you. What does she have to be proud of in her life? That’s why she has to keep reminding everyone of her one accomplishment in her life, wow did they screw up on that! Her actions & ghetto remarks only make her a joke to the rest of the world.
    And Porsha! Did you notice every time you challenged her she shut her mouth & had no response. Good job ladies!

  9. Why didn’t anybody stand up for Phaedra, especially Andy when Kenya made her disgusting threat? Crouching dragon she is, I am sure it ain’t over yet.

    What a horrible thing to say to anybody, yet alone a pregnant person, and on film for the world to see. She talks about being disrespected all the time, apparently unaware that you don’t hit on another woman’s husband even in a joking manner. Kendra is an angry woman.

  10. Kendra Moore is not even a housewife or a housewife on the mend. She isn’t any kindof housewife, so why is she on the show. Please get rid of the fake housewive. I don’t understand why she’s there.

  11. Kenya has brought so much negativity to the show. She is classless and should be ashamed of the way she carries herself. It is a real embarrassment. Success should always speak for itself and Kendra clearly shows that hers does not with all of the constant reminders. She clearly said she does not attack peoples character and than called Apolo a convicted felon and said something about getting an aids test. She also mentioned that She doesn’t let men in the cookie jar unless they deserve it but I clearly remember her crying because Walter made no advances at her on vacation. She threatened a pregnant women on television (which I am very shocked no one defended Phaedra) and in all the years that the show has been on television I can’t ever recall anyone having issues with their husbands and one of the housewives. Bottom line Kenya is desperate and tacky please get rid of her before this show turns out to be as ghetto as basketball wives.

  12. Everybody knows that Kenya is Kray Kray but now we know just how disgusting she is and her aids comment is beyond bad taste

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